The L’AGENCE Color Story Is In Full Bloom For Spring Summer ’22

by Freya Drohan

Green is, as the kids would say, “the moment.” And fittingly, the shade can be found in abundance in all its lime, emerald, grass, and neon guises in the L’AGENCE Spring Summer ’22 offering. For the upcoming season, creative director Jeff Rudes had flowers on the brain—the collection is titled Champ de Fleurs—and by flowers, he really means his blossoming muses in California, Paris, and beyond.

Rudes and his team opted to showcase the collection digitally, with models sashaying down a floral-lined runway. The scene stealers? A floating one-shoulder Goddess gown, striking suits in punchy colors, slinky slips, and cute tweed co-ords which are as perfect for the Champs-Élysées or Melrose Avenue.

The brand is known and loved for denim, and this time around patchwork styles and distressed-edge jorts are for the taking—perfect for contrasting with Bardot tops or trophy jackets. This outing also shared the next look at what’s to come in the newly-launched footwear category. We spy neon, animal print, metallics, and suedes galore! When you consider the on-trend straw hats, L’AGENCE really has got you covered from tip to toe!

See the full collection below:

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