Lady Gaga Releases First Look of Her Haus Laboratories Beauty Line

by Aria Darcella
Haus Laboratories

Earlier this week, Lady Gaga finally revealed details about her debut beauty collection, Haus Laboratories. Now, fans are getting a first look at what the products will actually look like. On Instagram, Gaga showcased a glimpse of the Haus of Collections, a series of six makeup kits. Each collection includes a lip gloss, a lip liner, and an all-over liquid shimmer powder called Glam Attack. As an added bonus, the cruelty-free and vegan collection comes in a reusable clutch.

“We’ve definitely tested these products,” she told Allure. “I will say they’re show-proof.” Gaga’s own makeup experience was integral when it came to the formulas of her items. Glam Attack, for example, is designed for long wear and not to fall. “I find it quite annoying when I’ve done my complexion, and then I put eye shadow on and it gets all over my face,” she said. “Most liquid eye shadows there tends to be this dry-down that’s very cracky and can fall out after several hours, and that’s not the case with [Glam Attack].”


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She also was looking to improve the state of lip liners. “I love lip pencils, but for me there always ends up being something wrong with them. It’s either dragging, or it’s bleeding. Or you’ll apply it to your lips and if you’re dry in one area, the color will be really, really dark,” she explained. “With this formula, I can line my lips beautifully, but most of the time, I wear it all over my mouth. It feels like a lipstick, and it does not transfer. The finish is semi-matte and highly pigmented, but if you want to, you can sheer it out and use it almost like a stain. You can put it on your cheeks. I use it all over my face… We called it the RIP lip liner because it’s a lip liner to die for.”

The star also opened up about what makeup has meant for her self esteem. “Makeup changed my life. I never felt beautiful, and I still have days that I don’t feel beautiful,” she told the publication. “Then I put makeup on, and before I know it, I feel this superhero within. It gives me those wings to fly. I’m not saying that makeup is the only thing that does that, but it did that for me.”

“When I became Lady Gaga when I was younger, it was because I discovered makeup and I discovered creating things myself,” she continued. “It means so much to me on a visceral level — the power of makeup to change how you feel when you’re at your lowest.” Haus Laboratories will be available for pre-order July 15, and will officially launch in September.

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