La Vie En Ruffian: Catching Up with Lydia Hearst

by Eddie Roche

Ruffian’s Brian Wolk and Claude Morais are living the bi-coastal life these days in Los Angeles, but the designers have kept their interview caps on for The Daily. In their latest installment of La Vie En Ruffian they sit down with their pal Lydia Hearst to talk cooking, acting, and beauty tips. Take it away…

Lydia Hearst embodies all things Ruffian: she is the ultimate impeccable rebel. Therefore there was no question when we asked her to be the first in our Icon Portrait Series. Fresh off the set of The Face, and Tara Subkoff’s directorial debut feature film, #Horror, we caught up with Lydia for an exclusive Ruffian photo-shoot at Lightbox Studio in Los Angeles where photographer Rafael Bekor, make-up artist Elizabeth Schmidt, hair stylist Adriana Papaleo of TIGI, and manicurist Karen Gutierrez did their Hollywood magic on our favorite rising star.

Let’s talk astrology! When do you start following the zodiac?  Do you consult your horoscope before you make decisions?
I’m a Virgo. I think that one has to grow from the inside out. Happiness is is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude. I post horoscopes weekly on my blog, I try never to play it too safe. It’s important to push yourself to step outside your comfort zone. If you don’t challenge yourself you can never acquire new skills and grow. Playing it safe means that you’re going to miss out on a lot.

We know you also love to cook!
I find cooking to be very personal. I love to cook and to be inspired by unusual, delectable ingredients. I make everything from scratch and have friends over for dinners. I hope to one day write a cookbook with my recipes, but you can look up and try out a few of my favorites on my blog.

What are you listening to these days when you work out?
I love music. I listen to just about everything from Led Zeppelin to Selena Gomez.

What are you reading now?
There are so many books on my reading list! As of late, I find myself reading lots of scripts and studying for upcoming auditions and roles.

Why do you think now more than ever there is a cultural fascination about modeling and fashion?
Fashion truly is a living form of art. I certainly feel that fashion, in fact all art should be provocative. Art should inspire thought and controversy and passion.

Why do you think L.A. is so hot right now?
I grew up in Connecticut, surrounded by old colonial houses; I love the extremes in Los Angeles. There are moments when I miss Manhattan and the East Coast, but Los Angeles is a lifestyle, and the weather doesn’t suck.

Tell us about your dedication and passion for [children’s charity] Operation Smile?
There is no passion to be found in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living. When I decide pursue something, it is because I am passionate about it.  Whether it is modeling, acting or Operation Smile I never do things half-way. That is also why I don’t put my name on numerous invitations or charities. If my name is there, it means I’m passionate about the issue.

Tell us any beauty tips or your regime to have such gorgeous skin?
I drink alkaline water regularly and moisturize.  And, it is important to always wear sunscreen and protect the skin you’re in – My “go-to” brand is Neutrogena 110SPF. And it is important to always remove your makeup and wash your face before bed with a proper facial cleanser or essential oil (Never use baby wipes, those are meant for a poopy baby bottom, not your face!).

Good advice! What upcoming film releases and projects do you have coming?

I’m working on transitioning from supermodel to actress without fully leaving the fashion industry behind. Cabin Fever: Patient Zero where I co-star with Sean Astin, Jillian Murray and Brando Eaton hits US theaters and VOD August 1, 2014. I just wrapped and co-starred in recent films such as two short films directed by Hala Matar, Automobile Waltz with Anton Yelchin and Desire with Johnny Knoxville and Tara Subkoff‘s feature film directorial debut #Horror with Natasha Lyonne and Balthazar Getty. I also finished filming  Condemned a little over one month ago with Dylan Penn. I have been extremely fortunate in my career and am so thankful for every acting opportunity that comes my way. When you’re an actor you have a script, but you have to make yourself into the character, live the part, own the words and breathe life into role; because in the end, the only thing the camera wants to see is something truthful.

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