These Pictures of Kendall Jenner’s Closet Are Giving Me Anxiety

by Charles Manning

The Kardashians/Jenners love showing off their tricked-out closets. Remember when Kylie Jenner posted that photo of her handbag closet? The place looked like it was merchandised by the team at The Webster.


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And don’t even get me started on the color-coded perfection that was Khloe Kardashian’s walk-in workout wardrobe. Honestly, it was almost too organized. I mean, even the hangers were evenly spaced. It was like something out of one of those Buzzfeed lists of pictures that people with OCD find soothing. So wonderfully pristine and ordered.

Then there are these pictures of the closet in Kendall Jenner’s SoHo apartment, which she took for Adidas Originals as part of the campaign they created for their new Arkyn sneakers.

It’s a nice closet. Don’t get me wrong. It’s spacious and organized. I don’t know why these pictures are stressing me out so much, but they are. I think it’s all the stacks of neatly folded tees and sweatshirts. As someone who meticulously refolds all my T-shirts when they come back from the cleaners so they will fit in my drawers just so, all those folded tops, to me, just represent so much mind-numbing labor. I mean, how many weekend hours have I frittered away trying to organize my over-stuffed closet. So much folding.

And the piles. The PILES! Because I’m so bonkers about the way the inside of my drawers look, I often end up just piling my freshly laundered clothes around my room rather than taking the time to actually refold everything and put it away. The piles can remain for weeks at a time. Mocking me. Torturing me.

From time to time, I feel compelled to move these piles around. you know, to free up space on my desk for a fresh pile of papers or something. I know that the secret to a lasting stack is to keep it low, but as I run out of viable surfaces, my plush little piles of laundry get combined until, inevitably, they topple to the floor and I am finally forced to either put them away or resign myself to living in a pig stye. Or, perhaps the most shameful option of all, that I just load them all back into the laundry bag, unwashed and return them to the cleaners to begin the whole horrible cycle all over again.

So maybe what is really disturbing me about there pictures is just how high and unstable these piles of neatly folded clothes appear to be. I mean, I know this is all just so completely silly, but I can’t help it! I find folded clothes weirdly triggering. Sometimes, when I see a stack of neatly folded t-shirts in a store, I have to leave. I just know how much work someone put into getting it to look just so and it kills me to think that someone might undo all that work while carelessly digging through for certain size.

I mean, Kendall didn’t fold those clothes herself, right? Like, that was definitely someone’s job. And if the whole thing falls over, that person will have to fold them all over again. I feel for that person. Whoever they are. I feel for them way more than I should. I know it is ridiculous, but what can I say? A lot of the time, anxiety isn’t logical. It just is. And, oh man, I swear these pics are starting to make my skin itch.

Kendall Jenner, photographed for Adidas Originals in the closet of her SoHo apartment. (Adidas Originals)

Kendall looks cute, tho.

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