Joey Gonzalez Of Barry’s Bootcamp Drops And Gives Us 20

by Dena Silver

Joey Gonzalez is a celebrity trainer, by every definition of the word. He’s pined after by fitness-craving A-listers, he’s totally ripped, and he doles out a killer workout. But would you believe us if we said you could work out with him in the Hamptons? Well, you’d better believe, because this partner at Barry’s Bootcamp is often teaching classes at the Wainscott and Amagansett locations. See you out East, Joey!

What’s the furthest someone has traveled to get in on Barry’s Bootcamp?
Before we opened in London, we had people from the U.K. travel all the way to West Hollywood California to take Hellweek and The Academy.

What’s the most generous gift you’ve gotten from a regular?
One of my clients hosted me for a weeklong trip on his yacht in the Caribbean.

How often do you take Barry’s classes?
About four to five times per week for over the past ten years. That’s a lot of mileage.

So how healthy are you?
Last year, I made a pledge to eat all natural real foods and eliminate anything artificial Monday through Saturday. But Sundays are a different story.

So what’s your cheat food?
To cheat, I’m heading straight to Nichol’s in East Hampton.

What’s the weirdest place you’ve ever worked out or trained?
This is really embarrassing, but in my 20s I remember being at a bar, locking myself in the bathroom, putting paper towel on the ground, and doing 100 pushups.

What are your wildest Barry’s Bootcamp dreams?
The plan is to retire and teach part time at Barry’s Bootcamp Lake Como.

352 Montauk Hwy., Wainscott and 199 Main St., Amagansett

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