Raiding The Shelves With Anne Nelson Sanford Of LurkShop

by Dena Silver

Sag Harbor’s got a new gem in town, and it goes by the name LurkShop. Stocked with plenty of bespoke perfumes and organic beauty labels, this is the Eastern outpost of Anne Nelson Sanford‘s Soho flagship. Before you pop by the shop at 28 West Water Street, learn a bit more about the place from its knowledgeable founder…

What’s up with the store’s name?
Fragrance can be a bit lurky! I also have a slightly dark sense of humor, so I find the creepy nature of the word to be humorous.

So, what’s on your shelves?
All the beauty products in the store are green, organic, or vegan whenever possible, and very health- and lifestyle-focused. But they’re also very sophisticated.

What are the strangest DIY products you’ve ever tried?
I’ve put molasses in my hair! I’ve also heard about facials using bird feces, but I’m not that adventurous.

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