Joe Zee Talks About Season 2 of His Netflix Series “Seven Days Out”

by Charles Manning

Last night, the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) and the FIT Foundation hosted their annual gala to raise funds for enhancing programs, developing new initiatives, and providing scholarships to the college’s most promising students. The theme of the event was “Innovation in Sustainability” and Joe Zee, himself a proud FIT alum, was on hand to lend his considerable charisma to host Amber Valletta throughout the night, helping to raise more than $1 million for the institution.

Before the event, Zee took a moment on the red carpet to talk to The Daily.

Congratulations on the success of your show, Seven Days Out.
Thank you so much! It’s been a big hit.

It’s fascinating, even for people in the industry, Like I know my own personal hell before an event, but I don’t know what everyone else is going through.
You sort of live their hell, but then you come out of it and you’re excited and you’re worried for them. I just love our show so much. It was in the works for over two years, so for us to get an opportunity to get it going and put it out into the world for people was great.

Are you planning a second season?
We’re talking about it. It’s a very complex show to make because every episode is event contingent and requires six to eight weeks of preproduction, prior to the event. Plus there were a lot of legalities to work out months in advance. Put that on top of every event, and it’s a very big production and very expensive to make, but who knows? We’re talking about it!

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