Joanna Borov European Model Develops Her Fashion Career In The USA

by The Daily Front Row

Fashion models need numerous qualities that extend far beyond their exterior. They need to be emotionally strong, have a good sense of business, and be pragmatic about what they can achieve. One such model has displayed all of these qualities and more and is now looking to take her European success stateside. Let’s take a deep dive into who this model is and how she is moving her brand from the old country to the new.

Who Is She?
Joanna is one of the more successful and has graced numerous publications throughout her illustrious career. Originally from Poland, Joanna Borov moved from her native home to the UK after gaining a master’s degree in Law from Warsaw University. Once she arrived, she enrolled in the prestigious University of the Arts in London, intending to begin her career as a model and influencer. She has always had a keen interest in fashion, and her flair for creativity emerged as a child when at the tender age of five, she designed and created her very first dress (with the help of her mother, of course!). Furthermore, she has worked in several areas of the fashion industry and has had a sparkling career in countries from The UK and France to Argentina and South Korea. However, her move to the US propelled her career to new heights and enabled Joanna to develop her career in ways that she never thought possible. Nevertheless, she also has extensive interests outside of the modeling industry, and thanks to her studies in Warsaw and London’s most prestigious institutions, she has developed a keen mind. This has resulted in her being able to increase her brand via other means. Aside from her modeling fame, she has written numerous books on nutrition and fitness and operates a successful blog dedicated to getting others fit and healthy. Moreover, she has managed to find time in her busy schedule to develop a children fashion brand that uses sustainable, organic materials.


How She Broke America
As a result of her hard work, dedication, and resilience in the face of adversity, Joanna realized her lifelong dream to move to the fashion capital of the world in 2019. She signed up to various modeling agencies in LA and has since been featured in numerous famous publications, including:
● Vogue
● Maxim
● L’Officiel
● Marie Claire

Joanna also has extensive experience as a runway model, culminating in appearing on the runway of New York fashion week after being discovered for her appearance at the Miami Swim Week. She has also brought over her range of brands and is beginning to find success with US customers. It just goes to show that through hard work and dedication, you can overcome almost anything in life and succeed. Joanna is a truly remarkable model/ influencer/businesswoman who has overcome all odds to realize her dream of working in the US. Despite her rapid rise across the pond, she still has a lot more to accomplish, which makes her career very exciting to watch.

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