Introducing Distorted People — An Unexpected and Distorted Streetwear Brand Evoking Edge

by DN News Desk

Distorted People launches officially with its Spring 2022 collection of Urban Street Fashion menswear. Their launch collection features three micro-collections inclusive of college-inspired styles, athletic-inspired styles and vintage-inspired styles, unisex in fit and designed with an edgier, rock n’ roll aesthetic in mind. With streetwear at the forefront of everyday retail fashion, and having disrupted all areas of fashion, Distorted People’s concept and creative vision is right on trend, positioned to become a leader in this space.

Their everyday ready-to-wear streetwear style basics include jackets – bombers, parkas, coats, windbreakers, padded shirt jackets, hoodies, button down shirts, pants, tees – long sleeved and short sleeved, caps, sweatshirts, and socks, among other accessories. The line is made from the highest quality of cotton by their team of designers across Europe, combined with a design team located in Germany that specializes in graphic creation and design. Wehbe and Gerecht work closely with this team, to contribute input and vision for silhouettes, design aesthetic, thematic and special elements.

Originally born in the heart of Munich, the creative international collective around Distorted People has been designing urban lifestyle fashion for more than ten years now and managed to establish its name in the streetwear scene. This is mainly due to the brand’s catchy logo: razor blade and butcher’s hatchet as crossed blades, which was so intricately designed to give off a visually cool and desirable image for consumers to want to rock, that it could easily double as a tattoo on one’s body.

Eli & Sascha

Distorted People officially makes its U.S. debut helmed by partners, co-founders, creators and designing consultants Eli Wehbe and Sascha Gerecht. Wehbe and Gerecht were attracted to Distorted People as it matched their exact style of street wear preference and were drawn to the designs without any hesitation. They see a huge future for this brand and the development of a cult brand following. They obtained the trademark from the original brand name in Germany, to launch it officially in the U.S. as their own, and with new life, new designs, new silhouettes, and as partners. They have a specific vision for the brand and have big goals for both its U.S. and worldwide growth, with determination to make a footprint in US street fashion.

“Our goal is for Distorted People to become an everyday lifestyle brand for consumers, a brand they feel is theirs, that they belong to, the way Sascha and I connect to it. For the consumer to understand how amazing the quality, cuts and designs are, and for everyone who buys the line to feel they are a “member of our crew!” – Eli Wehbe and Sascha Gerecht

Owners Wehbe and Gerecht both come from backgrounds in the fashion space, despite their forays in music and nightlife. Wehbe was involved in marketing for a super successful streetwear brand almost a decade ago and has always had a good eye and passion for fashion. After spending many years establishing himself as a major nightlife power player in Los Angeles, in which he had huge success, he used that to connect it with the fashion industry.

Sascha owned and operated the fashion brand, Rockstars and Angels. After having sold Rockstars and Angels years back, Sascha is excited to be once again foraying into streetwear fashion with Distorted People, in partnership with Wehbe.

“We want to engage our celebrity network & social media leverage to bring the desired exposure for our brand and lifestyle, to build “our crew,” and plan to create exclusive events and collaborations with unique creators & artists. We will focus on this and let the rest flow as it comes.”

“Nightlife and fashion are very overlapping industries, so with the connections I’ve made over the last decade, it was very easy for me to transition into the fashion world, as a natural next step. I recently wrote a best-selling memoir, “MASK,” and was able to share my story, inclusive of the ups and downs. Any terrible situation I’ve gone through only leads to a bigger & brighter future. There is always a positive to be found in any situation, no matter how negative you think it may be.” – Eli Wehbe

Wehbe and Gerecht joined forces in 2021, having initially met in 2019. They are now business partners and close friends, with a joined vision for Distorted People. Gerecht draws career inspiration from Tom Ford, whereas Wehbe draws inspiration from friends and established fashion industry designers Jerry Lorenzo and Mike Amiri.

Sascha adds, “I loved Eli’s vision. We are partners, good friends and we share very similar morals. Our loyalty, respect & friendship is unmatched. I am excited for this ride with him.”

The duo is also excited to debut their new showroom space in Los Angeles located on Melrose Place. The appointment-only showroom is designed to be a fresh space for influencers, talent, VIP shoppers and stylists to be outfitted, do pulls, one-on-one styling, and personal selection. The goal is to create an exclusive and private experience for the brand. It will also double as the main offices for the brand, for all e-commerce and sales.


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