Jessica Wang Reflects On Her Epic Success In The Influencer World

by The Daily Front Row

The stunning Jessica Wang has become one of the breakout faces of New York’s fashion scene in recent years and her popularity keeps on growing. She tells The Daily how’s she navigating an ever-changing world, what it means to be a role model in the Chinese American community, and all about her Lunar New Year project with Rémy Martin. By Julia Oakes 

You launched NotJessFashion in 2014, and it’s since grown to be a one-stop global platform for style inspiration, parenting tips, keys to success, and so much more. What was your initial goal for starting this blog and creating an online community?
​​​​My initial goal was just to create a space where working women can escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. I was working in finance in NYC at the time and needed a creative outlet. I would have never imagined that it’d evolve to be what it is today.

What’s it been like navigating the ever-growing world of influencers, especially in such a big city where everyone’s trying to make it big? What have been the biggest challenges you’ve had to overcome?
​​There’s definitely a lot of challenges – I’m constantly questioning whether I’m taking my personal brand in the right direction, thinking about how I can create something new that stands out from the noise and not fall into the trap of complacency. The biggest challenge has been carving a path for myself and forging fruitful partnerships with industry vets and decision makers. There’s been a lot of restless nights but it’s all been worth it.

You’re used to traveling the world, and are well beloved for your picture-perfect global backdrops. How’d you have to rethink your approach to content creation when lockdowns hit and travel stopped?
It was a little scary at first but I knew I had to make a choice. I’m a little sarcastic and playful by nature, so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to showcase that through content that isn’t so serious. Plus, the beginning of the lockdown was such an intense moment. I wanted to use this approach to bring some light to my followers’ days.

At the same time you also entered the TikTok world, and saw a very fast rise to fame, at the start of the pandemic—namely, for your iPhone hacks and quick tips. What inspired you to enter this space?
When you’re doing anything for the first time, it’s important to experiment fast and ride the momentum that picks up along the way. TikTok was just that – an experiment. I was willing to try to go outside the box and it really paid off.


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Do you prefer Instagram or TiKTok?
Instagram is definitely my platform but it’s been amazing to reach new audiences via TikTok.

You just wrapped up an exciting Lunar New Year project with Rémy Martin, “Family Spirit”—so awesome! Tell us about the significance of the name and how the collaboration came to be.
The significance of the “family spirit” aspect for the campaign really ties back to the Chinese tradition of family and friends coming together to celebrate. For me, this typically involves getting everyone together and gathering around the table to share our visions for the new year while connecting over the timelessness of Rémy Martin XO. In terms of how the collaboration came to be, it really just stemmed as an extension of a long-standing relationship with the brand and my affinity for it. We worked together during last year’s LNY to showcase how we celebrated during a time when friends and family were unable to gather in person due to the pandemic. However, as my husband and I went into the new year, the one thing that remained constant during that time was Rémy Martin XO at the dinner table.

How are you celebrating?
My immediate family and I will be indulging in yummy Chinese food. Hot pot, noodles, and dumplings are my favorite!

Why did you want to work Remy Martin?
For most who celebrate Lunar New Year, Rémy Martin is a staple. It was only natural to partner with a brand I grew up associating with the holiday. Not only that but I love how Remy Martin uses this opportunity to celebrate my culture and its rich heritage.

How does it feel to have such influence in the Chinese American community?
It’s absolutely surreal. I never imagined myself to have this kind of influence, so it’s an honor to represent my community and be the best kind of role model I can be.

Jessica Wang

Between your husband photographing and your minis as your go-to modeling companions and evident “hype girls”, what do you love most about keeping your career a family affair?
Having a tight knit family has always been important to me, and the fact that we can share in this journey together will allow us to bond in ways where we’ll only grow stronger together.

Your daughters Hazel and Capri just started their own Instagram. What do they love most about joining mom in front of and behind the camera?
They love being themselves – silly and playful – in front of the camera. However, the girls are also artists and I know they love the creative freedom the platform gives them.

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