Jennifer Coolidge Finally Popped Her Fashion Week Cherry

by Eddie Roche
Jennifer Coolidge

Last week, Christian Siriano showed his dramatic, yet playful Spring/Summer 2020 Collection at Gotham Hall. Inspired by pop art and surrealism, the collection showcases ethereal textures paired with graphic eye and lip print textiles. Siriano’s signature nod to female empowerment features powerful, feminine shapes and fluid silhouettes. After the show, we spoke to Jennifer Coolidge on her love for Siriano and her first-ever fashion show experience.

This is your first show ever? What’s taken you so long?
I don’t know. I was on a show for a long time and the week we were filming always conflicted with fashion week. I’m such a fan of Christian and I really wanted to come to this.

We hear that Christian has you on his inspiration board. Did you know that?
Noooo. I am? I’m on his board? That’s so nice. 

What made you want to come see his show?
I’m tall, I’m bigger than a lot of actresses, and he really knows how to make a woman feel feminine. I’m attracted to that and he’s such a nice person. He’s so talented and so humble. You could tell he was a really cool person. There wasn’t an outfit that I didn’t like or want for myself. There was one that was kind of sheer showing a lot skin; maybe I wouldn’t wear that one.  But I thought the show was extraordinary. 

What do you think of the backstage pandemonium? 
It’s not as catty as I’d hoped. There’s really nice people saying, “Excuse me.” I was expecting it to be scary. I was kind of hoping for that! A slap in the face! I haven’t ever been to a show. I’ll come back!  

What are you working on now? 
I did a movie with Tiffany Haddish, Rose Byrne, and Selma Hayek that’s coming out in January. There’s rumblings of a Legally Blonde sequel happening. And I was just in London promoting the 20th reunion of American Pie.

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