Inside Thakoon’s New Affordable Collection

by Aria Darcella

Anyone with Thakoon-filled void in their lives, the wait is over! After a two-year hiatus from fashion the designer has returned with a new collection of affordable basics. Per WSJ. Magazine, the collection features 12 items, all prices between $95 to $225. “I know what women like because I’ve done that for the past 10 years,” he told the publication. “The points covered in the older Thakoon are still the same for the new Thakoon: things like ease, comfort and femininity.”

In June, Thakoon launched HommeGirls, a zine/website/Instagram account aimed at women who love men’s clothes. At the time it was hinted that a possible collection would be on the way. It’s unclear if this is that specific collection or if another one is on the way. On the one hand, it doesn’t carry the HommeGirls name. But on the other hand it’s pretty close to what we would have expected that to be. The clothes are minimalist in design, with a focus on knits and work staples. And while there are dresses and skirts, the general vibe seems to be taking nods from menswear.

(Cass Bird)

With only 12 different styles, its easy to understand why the designer would want to focus on staples. But we’re particularly to see how he builds on this new line — especially given that the upcoming Spring 2020 collection will feature knit tanks, and a slightly more expensive dress style.

The new Thakoon collection is available online now.

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