Mother’s Day Is Around The Corner! Haverhill Has Personalized Gift Ideas

by Eddie Roche

Mother’s Day is nearly upon us and we don’t know a mom who wouldn’t love a piece of personalized jewelry from her child. HAVERHILL has a line of unique pieces made just for the leading lady in your life. The brand’s founder, Haverhill Leach, tells THE DAILY how you can make mom’s day

We hear you’re busy filling orders for Mother’s Day!
Mother’s Day is our second-busiest holiday time. Honoring mothers is universal and Haverhill jewelry is the most personalized and lasting way to say thank you to the women who brought us into the world, nurtured us, and inspire us every day.

Why is jewelry such a great gift for mom?
Jewelry is generational. The most important and personal items I have from my mother and grandmothers are pieces of their jewelry that they wore. It’s a tangible message of love, beauty, and heritage. Our birthstone collection takes this to a new level. Not only are we offering beautiful jewelry of precious metals and faceted stones, we provide the opportunity to create pieces that bring generations together. A grandmother can wear the birthstones and initials of her family altogether. A new mother can celebrate her baby with a necklace or bracelet. A stepmom can bring together her blended family to display this special unity.


Tell us about the upcoming Birthstone Petal Collection.
I’m excited about this collection because while it’s classic and fun like my other collections, the Birthstone Petal Collection has more of a feminine touch. Customers can select between one and five “petals” that are actually birthstones that are surrounding a sustainably created diamond. People can choose the birthstones of their loved ones or they can just design a flower in the colors they love. I’m excited to get a pair of Birthstone Petal studs with sapphires and yellow gold and diamonds!

What’s a unique way to personalize a piece for mom?
At Haverhill, we’re expanding options on how a customer can create the unique piece for their mom, stepmom, grandmother, or a special person who filled that role in their life. We have found that faceted birthstones are the most popular way to represent loved ones, but they’re often partnered with our solid gold engraved letters. Create a personalized necklace, bracelet, or earrings as a daily reminder of the ones she loves most in this world. As her family grows, she can add birthstones or letters to signify the newest members of her family.


Haverhill Leach and Her Mom (Courtesy)

What makes Haverhill unique?
I like to think that we create fine jewelry that is beautiful, easy, and accessible, but our customers are the ones who make the pieces meaningful and personal. We do this by allowing customers to design products directly online that are tailored to them, usually with birthstones or initials. We then hand make these designs within one week or less. We use sustainably created gemstones, recycled gold, and our packaging is made from recycled materials and produced locally, here in Rhode Island.

Click HERE for Mother’s Day gift ideas from Haverhill.

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