New England Has Inspired Haverhill Leach’s Jewelry Line

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Haverhill Leach comes from generations of jewelry makers, so it was no surprise when she launched her own eponymous line in 2013. The New Englander is creating eclectic yet classic pieces full of color, and some are even customizable. THE DAILY got the scoop on the must-have brand that’s popping up all over the East End.

When did you first become interested in jewelry design? It seems to run in the family!
I grew up walking the factory floor of my family’s jewelry manufacturing company that started in the 1800s. My interest in how things are made and what makes them beautiful started at an early age, I think because of this exposure. I always knew I would create jewelry like the four generations before me, but I first wanted to dip my toes in other fields. I was a handbag designer in New York, a swimwear designer in L.A., and an interior designer in Rhode Island, but jewelry’s my most favorite medium.

Do you get any advice from your family?
My parents are my constant advisors. My mother is my style guru, so whenever I launch a new item, I make sure she likes it first. I turn to my dad for all things manufacturing, which is often!

How involved in the process are you?
We are a small business, so you could say I wear lots of hats, and I’m very hands on. I sketch each design by hand and then work closely with my jewelers to edit the items until they meet my expectations. We make a lot of samples right in our studio in Warren, Rhode Island. The only thing that separates my desk from the jeweler’s bench is a ping-pong table.

What made you decide to make pieces customizable?
Prior to selling our jewelry mostly online, I traveled the country selling at trunk shows and communicating face to face with our customers on the regular. I kept hearing requests for items in birthstones. Ladies would layer different necklaces incorporating their family’s birthstones, so I decided it would be nice to also have the option of having their whole family on one necklace. We’re always adding to our Personalized Birthstone Collection. It’s fun to play online and design your own piece. First, you choose the number of stones, then you select which birthstone goes where. It’s very interactive. Once you order, we make each item in five business days or less. We’ve just launched our Personalized Birthstone Earrings.

Do you have any celeb fans?
January Jones, Ashley Graham, Jana Kramer, and Keltie Knight have all worn the brand!

Where do you get inspiration from?
New England is where I grew up and where I’ve returned to after many years of working in New York and Los Angeles. It’s where our jewelry is made and where my family has been creating jewelry for more than 100 years. On top of all that, New England style is clean, not flashy or trendy, but classic and timeless. I strive to design jewelry that has these qualities, with a modern spin. From the colorful fall foliage of Vermont and the endless coastline of Rhode Island, to the cobblestone streets of Nantucket and the colonial brick homes of Boston, I’m surrounded by beautiful places that have stood the test of time. We New Englanders have a true love and pride for this beauty. We fight hard to preserve the nature, the architecture, and the New England values of being understated whilst having tenacity and, of course, a witty sense of humor! For example, I just came out with a Sunset Collection that is made up of yellow gold, Pink Tourmalines, and Orange Citrines, inspired by the sunset I view from our local beach.

What jewelry pieces do you think work poolside or at the beach
If you have seen my hair, you’ll know that I’m a total beach girl, so I design easy, comfortable, solid-gold jewelry that I don’t have to remove before my morning swim in the waves. Our entire Birthstone Collection is perfect for this. Most of my customers never take off their Birthstone Necklaces and you don’t want to, especially when your little ones’ birthstones are represented.

What’s the perfect summer accessory for you?
Aside from layers of gold and gemstones, I would say my favorite summer accessory is a good sandal. I have a bit of a sandal addiction.

Will you be coming to the Hamptons this summer?
My plan was to come to the Hamptons to participate in the Hampton Classic Horse Show as we do every year. Sadly, due to COVID-19, this year’s Classic is not happening.

What are your favorite Hamptons haunts?
When I go to the Hamptons, I feel like I spend about two hours slowly grazing through Citarella! I used to live in the West Village, so it brings so many memories of my old stomping ground. Having dinner in the magical outdoor courtyard of Sant Ambroeus in Southampton is a must. The best people-watching is from the front porch of the American Hotel in Sag Harbor.

Where will you be getting away?
Vermont is my home away from home and my escape to lake life. I’m fortunate enough to live in coastal Rhode Island, so every day feels like a beach vacation.

Are you working with any charities?
For Black Lives Matter, we’ve just launched a Hope Collection, of which all profits go to Color of Change. For the LGBT+ community, we’re excited about our Rainbow Collection, of which 10 percent of proceeds go to the Trevor Project. When COVID-19 first struck, we participated in a six-week campaign to raise money for No Kid Hungry.

What’s next for the brand?
We’re excited to bring more personalized options to our customers that can be made in record time. We’re focusing on keeping a low carbon footprint by continuing to make everything local, including our packaging. We’re looking forward to partnering with more nonprofits to do all we can to give back.

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