Hamptons Shop Talk: Zimmermann

by Dena Silver

While the initial draw of the Hamptons might be picturesque beaches and pristine summer homes, the East End has undoubtedly become a go-to shopping destination. With world-class boutiques situated next to Mom-and-Pop retailers, you could easily spend an entire weekend perusing Main Street in East Hampton or Jobs Lane in Southampton and beyond. So The Daily Summer went to town chatting with the chicest boutique’s gatekeepers, aka the sales girls and boys, to see what’s happening on the shopping front. Can you blame us for snagging a few summer must-haves in the process? This week, we popped by Australian import Zimmermann, located at 27 Newtown Lane in East Hampton. There, we met Mia and Eliza, armed with Aussie accents and decked out in romantic threads from the label…

Did work at Zimmermann before you arrived in the Hamptons?
Yes, we both worked for Zimmermann back home, in Australia.

How well-known is Zimmermann in Australia?
 Everyone has a Zimmermann bikini and dress! The line has been around for almost 20 years now, and we’ve got around 20 stores as well. Eliza worked in the Brisbane store and I worked in Melbourne.

Had you heard of the Hamptons before you came out here?
Yes, of course!
Mia: We learned about it from shows like Gossip Girl, and from movies.

Does it live up to your expectations? 
 It’s basically everything that I pictured the Hamptons to be. Everyone in the Hamptons has been really nice! They’re very chilled out; they remind me of people back home.
Mia: Just like in Australia, everyone is open for a chat here!

What do your customers usually come in seeking?
 Most of our customers know us for our bathing suits, but our city customers will come in for a dress to wear to parties and events at night.

Where do you hangout after work?
I like the place behind the shop, Blue Parrot!

What are you looking forward to this summer?
 For everyone to come and shop.

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