GQ x Steve Madden Celebrate Their Collab with Johannes Huebl, Michael Chernow, and More

by The Daily Front Row

GQ x Steve Madden joined Johannes Huebl, Jim Moore, Michael Chernow, and Steve Madden for a night at GQ’s lounge, The Gent, to celebrate the launch of the popular shoe brand’s new capsule collection yesterday.

The brands displayed new items from the capsule inside The Gent—which is housed in a three-floor penthouse in the heart of SoHo—including seven different styles of shoes, five different bags, a sunglass case, and a phone case. Guests, including Brian Mazza, Max Shannon, Lyon Porter, Dan Wood, and more, perused the merch, while enjoying jams by DJ Isaac Likes Jenny and a special whiskey tasting from Widow Jane.

“What I wanted to do was design a collection that was cohesive in that you would actually buy all of the footwear and have a complete fall wardrobe,” Moore, GQ creative director, told The Daily. Moore said he also wanted to create the collection to give men the confidence to be more adventurous by mixing fun colors with classic styles.

For Steve Madden, it was about branching out into men’s footwear, and he saw no better partner than GQ. “We’re just putting more effort behind men’s shoes,” Madden told us. “We’ve been a women’s company, so we never really put that energy [into men’s]. Now we’re doing that.”

Moore said the collection came together after much back-and-forth between the two brands until it was perfect. The result: a collaboration that is completely unique, with every piece being built from the ground up. The collection has already started shipping pre-sale and will ship fully on August 14, available at Dillard’s, Nordstrom,, and select Steve Madden stores. Check out the collection HERE.


PLUS!!! A moment with Johannes Huebl…


What have you been up to this summer?
I was in Italy for a few days with my wife, and we went to Capri. We’re going back next week, actually.

You are known for wearing suits—have you been struggling with the summer heat?
That was especially the case in Milan during Fashion Week. It was extremely hot—95 degrees or so. If I have to wear a suit for an event or show, it’s easiest to wear linen. I have recently started wearing T-shirts, which gives me such a nice freedom. I am usually in button-downs, and when you sweat, they don’t look good. So in a simple cotton or linen shirt under a suit with proper shoes, you still look elegant. 

What are you looking forward to for fall?
To start work again. In September I go straight back for the next three months until Christmas. Hopefully I will do more photography, as well. I put that on hold for the last two to three months because I’ve been so busy.

What do you enjoy photographing?
Fashion, next to architecture photography, which I do in my private time.

Thoughts on the Steven Madden and GQ collection?
It’s great. I have the slip-ons, and those are really cool.

How many shoes do you own?
More than 100, but less than 200.

How are you pare down your shoe collection?
I give to charity, and of course, I send things to my friends or my brothers.

The collection has some bags and backpacks—do you carry any type of bag?
I actually do have one backpack, but I don’t usually carry it. It’s only for the beach or weekends.

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