Getting To Know…Gigi Hadid

by The Daily Front Row

Model mastermind Ivan Bart told us that Gigi Hadid is the one to watch. This week, she made her runway debut; she’s also on the cover of CR Fashion Book this month. At our Model Issue bash on Friday eve at Harlow, Hadid was there, so we just had to find out for ourselves: Who’s that girl?

Everyone’s buzzing about you! Is it ever overwhelming?
It’s surreal! I’ll stay calm all day and then get home and scream into my pillow because I’m so excited.

How was your recent CR shoot with Bruce Weber?
I got the best vibes from him right away. Bruce is one of the nicest people. It’s crazy that someone that successful is still so warm-hearted.

Whose career do you want to emulate?
Kate Upton. Her body is just incredible. She’s killing it!

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