Front Row Moments: Cindi Leive, Laura Brown, and Adam Glassman

by Sydney Sadick

What have your favorite fashion editors been up to? We caught up with them front row at New York Fashion Week to get the scoop. From Glamour’Cindi Leive to O Magazine’Adam Glassman to InStyle’s recently-appointed editor-in-chief, here are some tidbits from our most recent conversations.


What’s new at Glamour?
If I ever get to go back to the office after Fashion Week I’ll be able to tell you! It’s a little bit of a blur.
Tell us about your October issue!
We did a trio of models with three separate covers, which is the first time we’ve ever done that. That was a lot of fun. It was with Emily RatajowskiKate Upton, and Joan Smalls. The other big news this fall is we’re moving our Women of the Year awards to L.A. so all of us are—when we’re not doing all of this nonsense—spending a lot of time in L.A. getting ready for that.
Do you like L.A.?
Oh I love it. I’m incredibly excited to have the awards out there. Part of me is wondering why I planned to throw our biggest event in a city I don’t live in because I’m spending a lot of time out there right now, but I figure I’ll get home on November 15 and apologize to my husband.
Any standouts during NYFW? 
Along with most of the rest of the world I love Proenza Schouler. I thought it was just a home-run of a show. I loved Altuzarra. I thought it was really beautiful and pretty. Just gorgeous.
Are you a Narciso fan?
I am, and he’s a friend so I’m excited to see what he has in store.
How’d you meet?
Years ago we had lunch, before Glamour. He’s just an incredibly endearing person and I love him. You sort of have fashion friends and real friends and he’s a an actual, real friend.


Welcome to Zimmermann!
I’ve got to be here because hey, do it for the koalas!
Take it you’re a fan of the brand?
Huge! I’ve been a fan of Zimmermann ever since they started out doing swimwear years and years ago. They just make the best, easy, chic, and great-printed dresses. They always make me feel like my best self. Selfishly I like to wear it, and I love Nicky and Simone so much. They work hard, they’re great girls and good people. They deserve the waves and waves of success that’s coming their way right now. I couldn’t be prouder.
And congratulations to you at InStyle!
Thanks! It’s my eighth day, and on the eighth day she fell down [laughs]. No it’s good and so exciting. It’s such a huge, powerful brand that I’m thrilled to be able to do my bit. I started at such a funny time because it’s only eight days and I’m going to shows and then there’s Europe and everything so I’m like flinging ideas out of my office like it’s football—I’m like “What about this? What about this? Can you tell someone?” It’s going to be like that for a while. But I’m really optimistic and excited and I think my staff are too, so onward!
How are the office views?
Oh, sunsets! Sexy sunsets from Brookfield place. It’s really pretty over the Hudson. At Hearst I had a good sunset view and I still do, so I never had to let go of my sunsets.
You live on the Upper East Side right?
Yeah, don’t ask about my commute. I’m learning at the moment. I’m like oh, the FDR, the beauty. I seriously do like the FDR but I have to go into a Zen state.
Have you decorated your office?
The first thing I brought into my new office were my Game of Thrones dolls, my yes and no buttons, an inflatable kangaroo named Rodger, and luckily I’ve been lucky enough to receive quite a lot of flowers.


What brings you out to Narciso tonight?
Narciso [Rodriguez] brings me out for Narciso! I would never miss his show. I’ve been since day one. I’m a huge fan of him, personally and of his collections.
What’s new over at Oprah?
Well, Queen Sugar is a huge hit—a new show—that launched this week that Oprah produced. Green Leaf is a hit too, so we’re really happy about that. And Oprah is in Atlanta filming a movie. Right now, I’m finishing “Oprah’s Favorite Things” [for the magazine].
What did you do this summer?
I went to Maui and the Grand Canyon. I’m pretty sure I was the only person on Instagram who didn’t go to Mykonos.
Which designers are you loving these days? 
Proenza Schouler is really fantastic and I love Monse. Those two are great.
Thoughts on the Monse designers taking over Oscar de la Renta?
I think it’s going to be great. It’s nice that the family is back together. Even at the Oscar show the other day you could tell that all the tailors and seamstresses are elated to all be together again.

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