Feeling Blue! With 3×1 Scott Morrison

by The Daily Front Row

From the pages of The Daily SummerScott Morrison of 3×1 dishes on denim and tells us about his new Southampton boutique…

Have you ever washed your jeans in the ocean?
The most important thing is to preserve the color, so as unsanitary as it sounds, I wash them as infrequently as possible.

What can we expect in your Hamptons boutique?
The store has a surf-inspired theme, so we’re creating a denim-inlaid surfboard series. We also have a limited-edition denim surf bag and travel bag, and a bunch of other exclusive items.

How fast will we be able to get our bespoke blues?
Custom-made jeans should be ready inside two weeks, but bespoke is reliant on you to stop by for multiple fittings.

What’s your go-to denim style out East?
Here, it’s all about family, friends, and barbecuing, so I’m usually wearing selvedge jeans or selvedge twill shorts.
Check out 3×1’s East End outpost at 44A Main St., Southampton

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