Exclusive! Glamour Launches Fashion-Friendly Weather App with Apple

by Kristen Heinzinger

To tackle weather-related wardrobe worries, the team at Glamour put their well-coiffed heads together and collaborated with Apple to launch COAT? The app accounts for temperature, precipitation, and any other inclement weather to recommend the parfait outfit for the day. Jacket needed? Wellies required? A hair up kind of day? COAT? has a recommendation on the ready. Here, Glamour executive digital director Anne Sachs talks what to expect from the app, which launches today.

How did Glamour come up with the idea for COAT?
Glamour has always been a strong, service-oriented brand. We’re known for providing reader-focused fashion and beauty advice, so we wanted to create an app that had utility at its core. The idea for COAT? in particular came from my own weather-related anxiety around being too hot or too cold when I step outside every morning.
How long did it take to launch?
It took about 3 months from idea to reality.
Can you briefly give a run down of how it works?
The app provides daily notifications to let a user know whether the local weather in her area calls for a coat, a ponytail, and/or rain gear to get through the day.
At what temperature does the app recommend a coat? And does it recommend different kind of coats?
When the local weather is expected to hit 55 degrees or below that day, the app recommends bringing a coat. Once within the app, users can browse coat style ideas, or ponytail ideas or rain gear ideas, depending on what categories she has selected. We plan to update seasonal style suggestions on a regular basis.
For what kind of weather does the app require a hair-up day?
The hair-up factor depends on a combination of expected daily humidity, dew point, and temperature.
Can you share one of  your worst weather-related fashion disasters?
Don’t we all have one of those days when we chose to wear white and, of course, got stuck in a summer downpour?
What’s your favorite season to dress for?
I love everything about dressing for fall. It’s the ultimate mix-and-match season, and cozy sweaters, plaid, tights, and ankle boots are always in rotation.
In terms of weather, what is your perfect day?
I’m a fan of a crisp fall day. A little sun plus a little chill in the air is my perfect combo.
What do you usually rely on as your source for the day’s weather?
I check my phone every morning, and also get backup advice from channel surfing through morning TV before I head out the door.
Any favorite weatherman or weatherwoman?
I always loved Sam Champion!
What will we find you wearing during a New York blizzard?
A grimace. I also have neoprene-sleeved winter boots that can make it through any snow storm, a navy Zara parka that’s both warm and pretty, and a Kate Spade light wool scarf that doubles as a great wrap if I get chilly indoors.

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