The CFDA Awards Gets Sketchy With Artist Katie Rodgers

by Dena Silver
CFDA Awards

By now, you’ve seen the outfits and you’ve met the winners from the CFDA Awards, but what exactly was going on behind the scenes? Kind of like a throwback to older days, much before Instagram and Twitter, Katie Rodgers was armed with a pencil and paint to capture the whole scene in her signature manner. Your Daily got an exclusive look at two of the sketches she created last night: Greta Gerwig and Sebastian Stan before they presented the three Swarovski awards of the evening, in addition to the Winner’s  Circle of Shane Gabier and Christopher Peters of Creatures of the Wind, Tim Coppens, and Irene Neuwirth. Plus, we got a chance to chat with the budding artist, whose blog Paper Fashion boasts most of her work. Perhaps Best Drawing will become a new category for next year’s awards…

How long does it take you to complete one of your drawings?
Quick sketches, like these, typically take anywhere between 5 and 15 minutes each.

How often do you get nervous before a live sketch?
Oh, all the time! You almost think, “What if I just can’t draw when I need to?!” It’s a bit ridiculous, but the thought always crosses my mind. Whenever I have a live sketch session or an in-person event, it’s important that I spend time beforehand prepping myself mentally. Certain music gets my creative gears turning, and quiets out all the other noise from the world. It’s all about knowing yourself and finding your creative zone.

What was the first red carpet event you sketched?
The first time I sketched a red carpet event was in 2012. I sat at my drawing table with the live stream of the Met Gala on my laptop and sketched all night. It was such a starry-eyed moment for me. Watching this window to a dream world filled with gowns and fashion icons, I fell in love with New York. In a way, that moment actually inspired me to move to New York! It’s still one of my favorite red carpet sketches.

Which company would you love to sketch for in the future?
There are so many! Within fashion, I’d love to work with Dior or Hermés, but I’m also fascinated by the entertainment and movie industry. I’d definitely like to do work for Disney one day.

Who were you most looking forward to seeing at last night’s CFDA awards?
I couldn’t wait to see Lupita! She’s always stunning. I was also looking forward to seeing Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, as well as Blake Lively. 

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