Editor’s Pick: Suarez Sisters x APERÇU Sunglasses

by Freya Drohan

What: Shades worthy of an Instagram influencer! Sisters Natalie and Dylana Lim Suarez pooled their talents with eyewear brand APERÇU to launch a line of two sunglass styles which come in five colors.

Who: These NYC-based creatives probably need no introduction. Thanks to their unique taste and traffic-stopping model features, they’ve already worked with the likes of COACH, DKNY, L’oreal, Levi’s, and Saks 5th Avenue. Meanwhile, French-inspired APERÇU has collaborated with influencers like Alyssa Coscarelli and Maria Bernard on other successful co-designed collections.

Why: The ‘Suarez’ offering is a sporty, oval-shaped frame, while the ‘Suarez II’ is inspired by a classic cat-eye shape. We love the high quality and street-ready feel, at a more affordable price point than most luxury brands. “Our inspiration was definitely nostalgic and retro. We pulled images from old Chanel runways from the ’80s and ’90s and Homme Girls editorials to bring to life how we would style out sunglasses, which is bold, a bit masculine, yet still sophisticated,” said Dylana.

Where: apercueyewear.com 

How much: $189

Check out the shades in action below:

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