Bring The Spa ‘Chez Vous’ With HigherDOSE’s Stress-reducing Infrared Mat

by Freya Drohan

Beat stress, boost immunity, and sleep better? No, it’s not a pipe-dream: it’s the description for HigherDOSE’s new Infrared Mat. The benefits of a visit to the popular infrared sauna studio can now be achieved at home, thanks to this impressive product.

The multi-purposeful mat promises to deliver a full-body reset by utilizing the power of PEMF—Pulsed Electromagnetic Field—to recharge your cells quicker than you can say Duracell. While it looks just like your regular at-home Yoga equipment; it’s anything but. As well as the aforementioned stress reduction, this therapeutic mat purports to increase energy, support your immune system and central nervous system, improve your circulation, and speed up muscle recovery.

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THE PEMF DIFF⚡️Many of you have been asking how our brand new Infrared PEMF Mat is different from our OG Infrared Sauna Blanket. Unlike our blanket, you won't break a sweat with our PEMF Mat, which focuses on RECOVERY over DETOXIFICATION. Keep your mat warm, ready, and pulsed all day to use whenever, wherever. No need to worry about cleaning up or setting up. Just lying down for a deeper DOSE. . . . 📸 @absesay_photo ✨ @laurenberlingeri #higherDOSE #gethighnaturally #infraredsauna #sauna #infraredsaunablanket #PEMF #sweatawayyoursins #gotDOSEd #chromotherapy #lighttherapy #cbd #lymphaticdrainage #detox #spa #spaday #chill #relax #beauty #beautyhacks #weightloss #NYC #health #wellness #fitness #fall #autumn

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So, how does it work? According to HigherDOSE, PEMF “sends electromagnetic waves through your body at different frequencies to help promote your body’s own recovery process.”

There’s also an amethyst layer, to provide deeper penetration of the infrared (a “natural tranquilizer, as per the brand), and a tourmaline layer to increase mental alertness. A charcoal layer and a clay layer will also, respectively, amplify the detoxification process and omit negative ions. And like any wellness-related product, the longer you use the mat, the more you will reap the long term benefits.

Tempted? Well, d’uh. Check it out here.

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