Editor’s Pick: Brinker & Eliza’s Zodiac Intaglio Necklace

by Aria Darcella

What: Perfectly quirky 24k gold-plated necklaces, with vintage, hand-painted intaglios (engraved images) from the 1950s, representing each of the 12 signs of the zodiac.

Who: Manhattan-based lifestyle blogger Eliza Higgins founded the brand with her mother, Brinker, after years of customizing clothing and and designing jewelry together.

Why: Repping your astrological sign is really popular these days, but Brinker & Eliza’s intaglios are rendered in such an interesting style that at first glance they don’t look like zodiac-themed jewelry at all. They’re perfect for anyone that loves the star signs, but is looking for a more subtle and unique approach to the trend.

Even if astrology isn’t your thing, there’s plenty of other wonderful and stuff on their site to tempt you, like this bubble bracelet with flamingo medallions (there are even cufflinks with the same design, should you want to match with your beau). So cute!

Where: brinkerandeliza.com

How (much): $118 each.

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