DKNY and The Daily Celebrate World Pride

by Charles Manning

On Sunday afternoon, DKNY and The Daily celebrated World Pride in New York City with a rainbow-wrapped double-decker party bus, which circled the parade route, picking-up and dropping-off proud passengers along the way.

At every stop, representatives from DKNY and Big Gay Ice Cream were on hand to spread the love and pass out Pride-themed merch and snacks to the passersby. Big Gay Ice Cream gave away hundreds of delicious ice cream sandwiches to the hungry and overheated masses, while DKNY’s rainbow logo bandanas and temporary tattoos were a huge hit with passengers and pedestrians alike.

Onboard the bus, DJ Oh!Tommy kept spirits high in the hot, hot sun, spinning fun and fabulous tunes as the bus made its way through the city, while model and influencer Jimmy Pezzino chatted with passengers about what pride means to them, turned the bus’ upper deck into a runway, and did backflips in the street. No, seriously, go to our Instagram and check out the DKNY x Pride highlight to see for yourself.

Jimmy Pezzino

This year, DKNY partnered with the Hetrick-Martin Institute (HMI), America’s oldest and largest LGBT youth services organization, making a financial donation to the organization in an effort to give back to the LGBT community and raise awareness of the important work HMI does. Click here to learn more about HMI and click here to shop DKNY’s pride capsule, because although Pride month may be over, there is no such thing as a bad time to celebrate love, equality, and togetherness.

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