The New Dior Saddle Bag Is Finally in Stores

by Charles Manning

Back in February, Dior’s artistic director, Maria Grazia Chiuri, caused a viral sensation when she casually reintroduced the Dior saddle bag during the house’s fall 2018 runway presentation. The crown jewel of Dior’s accessories business back in the day, the iconic silhouette was nowhere to be seen during Raf Simons’ tenure at the house and was definitely due a reissue.

A picture from Dior’s fall 2018 campaign. (Dior)

“I thought this collection would be an opportunity to revive [the bag’s] timeless beauty,” said Chiuri in a statement. “I consider this icon of the house’s recent history the perfect accessory to deal with this battle that is daily life.

A picture from Dior’s fall 2018 campaign. (Dior)

“Indeed, the saddle bag is a bag that is worn in exactly the same way as a shirt or jacket, and it’s so comfortable to wear with its long strap that you almost forget its there.

A picture from Dior’s fall 2018 campaign. (Dior)

“The saddle bag is also practical because it allows you to carry everything you need with you. It’s for this reason that I wanted it larger and more robust, but also very colorful, embroidered or with beaded fringe, because, like a chameleon, it adapts to all situations.”

A picture from Dior’s fall 2018 campaign. (Dior)

The new saddle bags are available in-store starting today (July 19) and range in price from $2,350 for the mini oblique saddle, up to $8,500 for the medium bag embroidered with beads and fringe. The complete first delivery is below.

Additional styles will also be released in September. Although the exact date of the second drop hasn’t been revealed yet, our sources at Dior inform us that the below are at least some of the styles we can expect in the September delivery, so plan your purchases accordingly.

In the meantime, check out this gorgeous making-of video, courtesy of Dior. It’s seriously almost as lovely as the bags themselves.

And, of course, happy shopping!

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