Diesel Turns CEO Search Into A Contest

by Sydney Sadick

Diesel is looking for a new CEO in a very 2017 kind of way. For Diesel, the C in CEO stands for chair, not chief, so they’re looking for someone who wants a spot in such a coveted chair at the company. Starting today, Diesel is launching an application on its Facebook page for essentially anyone to apply for the position. All you need to do is show the company how well you sit in a chair—seriously! Diesel founder Renzo Rosso is asking people to post a photo or video of their sitting technique and upload to Diesel’s Facebook page (www.facebook.com/Diesel). The best chair sitter will be crowned as the first-ever Chair Executive Officer and will get quite the reward: a trip to Italy to the Diesel headquarters for an entire week, where he or she will sit in the brand’s most important chair, shoot some content, and mingle with over 800 people in the company. This is not a drill!

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