DanceBody’s Katia Pryce on How She Pivoted Her Model-Approved Workout

by Freya Drohan

Like every fitness entrepreneur, these have been challenging times for DanceBody founder Katia Pryce. Her beloved dance-inspired cardio and sculpting workout is in the Hamptons again this summer for the seventh year in a row. Pryce, a former dancer who worked under exercise guru Tracy Anderson before launching DanceBody, quickly found fans in Hunter McGrady, Anne V, Halston Sage, and Molly Sims. She talked to the Daily about what to expect from her outdoor classes at The Clubhouse and how social media and her community have been a savior.

How has this summer in the Hamptons been for you compared to other years?
We’ve always spent our DanceBody summers Out East dancing in the sun, but since in-studio classes weren’t an option this year, we had to pivot. I was so grateful to connect with The Clubhouse to make group classes happen. It’s amazing how much energy you get from dancing in a group. We absolutely need it. This year we’ll also be staying out past Labor Day to keep the good vibes going.

What’s one thing you learned about yourself this year?
I’ve always known I was a hard worker, and that I treated my company like my child, but I didn’t know how far I would go to save it until this year. During the early days of quarantine, I walked to and from my NoMad studio every day to stream live workouts on our DanceBody LIVE app. It was truly a labor of love to keep the company moving in that way.

It’s your seventh year in the Hamptons, are some of your clients there since day one?
Oh definitely. DanceBody is addictive because, in addition to getting a full body workout, you are also building a new skill—and as adults, that is rare. We’ve been playing ‘fitness matchmaker’ this year by pairing together clients in small groups at different locations. It’s been awesome to see friends, old and new, connecting through dance.

What’s the vibe of the outdoor classes at The Clubhouse like? 
Pure joy. Finally being able to dance together, the happy endorphins are flowing, and everyone is grinning from ear to ear! It’s like we are all in on the same secret. We just started offering Sculpt classes during the week too, so I think people who are newer to DanceBody will love that as a first class, just BYOE (bring your own equipment!).


What tips do you have for people struggling to find motivation to exercise right now?
First of all: I completely get it. But you always feel so much better afterward, in your body and your mood. Our LIVE classes are the best way to stay accountable while working out from home because they are only available in real time. You have to show up and be ready for class—just like those pre-COVID days! If you are craving a deep dive, our 30-day programs are really helpful to stay on track.

What lessons have you taken away from other female entrepreneurs in the lifestyle/wellness space?
Community over competition—it wins every time. I heard that phrase for the first time from my new friend, TaKiyah Wallace, who founded Brown Girls Do Ballet. We have to band together and raise one another up to succeed. That statement applies always, but most especially now. Amanda Freeman, founder of SLT, has been an incredible support sister during this time too. Also, my close friend Andrea Rodgers, founder of Xtend Barre, has truly been there for me to lean on. I drive so much strength from these accomplished women!

What has kept you upbeat and inspired during 2020? 
MY CLIENTS! Hands down. This year has not been easy, in any way. But when I get genuine love notes from my DanceBody Babes on Instagram, or they tell me inspiring stories about how DanceBody has helped them during this time, it drives me to keep moving. They are a genuine source of strength. And of course, my tight-knit DanceBody team. They are my family and I never want to disappoint them.

Any favorite new athleisure brands you’ve recently discovered?
Noli Yoga has always been on my radar, plus they started making amazing masks and face shields. Their resourcefulness is admirable. Splits59 sent me what is probably the most comfortable sweatsuit of all time during deep quarantine. It was definitely appreciated. I am really excited to dig into the new LoveShackFancy line, but—of course—they sold out! NSF and Monrow are also at the top of my list for comfy clothes.

Tell us about your 30-Day Program? 
I knew my clients were craving accountability and structure while working out at home, so I created four different 30-Day Programs: DanceBody, SculptBody, UpperBody, and LowerBody. Every program combines different ratios of dance cardio and sculpting, depending on your focus. We even have a quiz that helps you to figure out what program is best for you. People have just loved them, and continue to challenge themselves by doing multiple programs. The feedback has simply been incredible. Ps… look out for our new 7-Day Program, coming soon!

Your IG Lives have been super popular and you’ve also done charitable ones, do you plan on continuing doing the IG Lives for the foreseeable? 
Well we definitely plan on continuing to be charitable. It’s always been a pillar of DanceBody. We know we have a platform, and we want to use that to raise others up. We are holding donation-based classes for the NAACP Legal Defense Fund every month this year. [Editor’s note: two virtual classes hosted earlier this summer raised $6,814.] Right now, we are focusing our IG LIVES toward meaningful conversations with others. I frequently go LIVE while I’m teaching on my Instagram, @katia_dancebody, to give you a quick taste of what our workouts are like!

Ok and lastly, will I still enjoy DanceBody if I’ve got no rhythm?!
If you like good music and nice people, you will 100% enjoy it! The best thing about our outdoor classes? No mirrors, which means less time judging yourself! Even if you feel uncoordinated, you’ll still end up leaving with a sweaty smile, guaranteed. Just Keep Moving.

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