Classic Meets Contemporary With SKCreations, LLC, The Evolution of Essential Expression

by Amir Bakian

We’ve all been there: the polarizing struggle of cramming two different wardrobes into the same closet. Many of us find release in self-expression through fashion and artistry, but it’s difficult to pigeon-hole our style to one template when your inner essence is uniquely you. This colorful patchwork can make consistency and sustainability a real obstacle when it comes to how we dress, but some brands, like SKCreations, LLC, are uniting creative utility with aerial opportunities for embracing our true identity, simplifying the art of self-expression with classic silhouettes paired with modern prints and patterns. The brand is well known for its timeless approach to innovative, ready-to-wear garments, effectively cutting the “fast fashion” virus out of the equation in favor of durable collections that adapt to their environments. More recently, the name on everyone’s lips has been their “Infinity” athleisure collection, a tribute to the labyrinths of our mind’s potential, and the boundaries we set (and break) for ourselves every day.

One of the most common hurdles we find in fashion today is compromising reliable essentials for the fleeting, albeit unavoidable, habit of impulsive, creative thought. Both ends of the spectrum typically run to the extremes––your basics are generally too basic, and your artistic statement pieces are never quite as versatile. Regardless of personal preference, we all have an ornate sense of creativity in our DNA that craves more excitement in our wardrobes, while simultaneously demanding clean, consistent lines that work for any setting. SKCreations, LLC is sewn with a unique thread of flexibility that commands the athleisure circuits in fashion today, routinely praised in household names like British Vogue and ELLE UK with regular appearances at New York Fashion Week. Founded by Sharon A. Keyser in 2006, SKCreations, LLC lives in that place we dare to explore, where comfort, creativity, and cohesion may coexist without sacrificing quality or innovation. Keyser grew up in and around Washington, D.C. and learned to sew from her great-grandmother at a young age, cementing her passion for fashion and artistry at the crossroads of contemporary design and classic taste. SKCreations, LLC is cut from the same cloth, allowing us to channel our innermost originality while adhering to a basic code of conduct in imaginative essentials.


The “Infinity” collection includes jersey shirts, bandeau tops, leggings, and bomber jackets, all of which are crafted in breathable fabrics that compliment all shapes, sizes, and lifestyles, complete with sneakers to match. The pieces are designed with vibrant patterns and prints that carry a museum-quality allure, reflecting Keyser’s long standing fascination with visual arts. Historically, the athleisure market is saturated with static or otherwise dull pieces that speak to the fitness community, and nothing further. Oftentimes, we are made to believe that athleisure wear is meant for physical activity and built for easy assembly, pretending to be “effortless chic” when in reality it’s mostly just laziness. Comparatively, SKCreations, LLC invites the elegance and refinement of high-fashion into the fold of athleisure wear, raising the bar for energized apparel that takes you further than a yoga mat. The brand’s dynamic bomber jackets have become a staple of the SKCreations, LLC portfolio, along with a robust roster of accessories and lifestyle pieces. They have become foundational in the quest for functional fashion, which is really just another term for evolved self-expression. SKCreations, LLC is able to dress any occasion, positioning the basics of dress at the forefront of art and design. Keyser’s vision is opening the floor for a renaissance in ready-to-wear clothing and accessories, matching our fast-paced lifestyles with the freedom and adaptability to be uniquely ourselves. In many ways, SKCreations, LLC represents the advent of wearable art, a movement that challenges us to think bigger and smarter about our fashion choices. By leading with these ethos, SKCreations, LLC is empowering us to live confidently and removes the guesswork of self-expression. On social media, SKCreations, LLC chronicles the evolution of fashion through compelling textiles that tell a story, and if we are the protagonist of our own runway, the road ahead is eternal and wraps around the world in sharp, form-fitting panache.

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