Daily Media: A$AP Rocky’s New Artistic Director Role, And 24 More Moves To Discuss!

by Freya Drohan

Here are the top hires, departures, promotions, and new representations of the week.

1. Esteban Villanueva is now junior beauty editor at Vogue Scandinavia.

2. Han Song-in is now editor at i-D’s new South Korean digital platform. Lee Ji-sun will be social editor and both will report to Elektra Kotsoni, the company’s global content editor.

3. Natalie Kingham, global fashion director at Matchesfashion, is leaving the company.

4. A$AP Rocky is now guest artistic director at Pacsun.

5. Mickey Drexler is now CEO at Alex Mill.

6. Hannah Kim is now chief legal officer at Neiman Marcus Group.

7. Lauren Daum is now director of corporate communications and sustainability at BPCM.

8. Alexa Kopel is now vice president of lifestyle at Jonesworks.

9. Christina Lombardi is now director at Day One Agency.

10. Brooke Caldwell is now head of partnerships and PR at BALA.

11. Ryan Lombard is now head of PR of DL1961 & Warp + Weft.

12. Sarah Kerstling is now junior account executive at Mega Mega Projects.

13. Sophie Wilson is now coordinator in SHADOW’s Influencer Division.Daisha Roberts is now a manager in the division.

14. Amanda Merritt is now PR Manager at IM Apparel.


15. FSPR X is now representing Wolford.

16. Tractenberg & Co. is now representing dr. brandt skincare.

17. ABMC is now representing Makeup by Mario.

18. MP-IMC is now representing FEKKAI.

19. The Cadre is now representing GoodSkin Clinics.

20. PURPLE is now representing sustainable skincare brand Susanne Kaufmann.

21. Lisa Lauri Communications is now representing clean hair care line EVOLVh.

22. Autumn Communications is now representing Vital Proteins, WTHN, Blume, and Refreshments.

23. Covet is now representing clean skincare and body care brand MUTHA™.

24. Skoog Co. is now representing handwoven neoprene bag line Naghedi.

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