Christian Louboutin Touts Flats in New Campaign Film

by Paige Reddinger

Christian Louboutin, the world’s most widely recognized purveyor of red soled ultra-high stilettos, is focusing on flats for Spring 2016. The brand just released a film tited Under the Table by Parisian duo Mathilde Toulot and Olivia da Costa, which features mostly flats, sneakers, and a few kitten heels beneath white cloth dinner tables. Toulot is a journalist, art director, and founder, fittingly, of the website SHOOOES, and da Costa is a photographer and publisher of PLEASE! magazine.

So what’s for dinner chez Toulot and da Costa’s restaurant? Christian Louboutin’s Mix Flat in Popcorne [sic]. Louboutin’s ladies who lunch are also pictured trotting (and sometimes dancing) to the table in ladylike flats such as the new Solasofia flat in Hawaii Kawai prints and edgier footwear like the tattoo imprinted Naza Mom and Dad sneaker. The Baila Spike flat and the Bikee Bike sandal play a game of footsie under the table. It’s fun and flirty and reflects the spirit of both Toulot and da Costa’s respective publications as well as the essence of the Louboutin brand. Kittenish sex appeal? Mais oui!



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