Chic Eatery Dopo La Spiaggia Makes East Hampton Debut

by Ashley Baker

The East End’s popular Tuscan eatery, Dopo La Spiaggia, recently took to East Hampton, taking over Race Lane. With restaurateurs Maria and Larry Baum and chef Maurizio Marfoglia at the helm, Dopo’s EH spot is destined to be a mainstay on the Hamptons restaurant circuit. Marfoglia gives a taste of what to expect this summer and beyond.

How long have you and Maria and Larry Baum been contemplating opening a location in East Hampton?
Ever since the Tutto partnership broke up, Larry, Maria, my wife Holly, and I have been looking for the right space to add to our flagship Sag Harbor Dopo La Spiaggia. As local residents with many ties in the community, it is only natural to want to share with others on the East End what has been created in Sag Harbor. The four of us have spent the past 10 years cultivating relationships out east and are excited to bring to East Hampton a little taste of Italy!

Why was the Race Lane space the right opportunity?
The Race Lane/Laundry space is a well-known and loved restaurant location that has for many years been frequented by locals as well as those who share our love of the East End. The combined indoor and outdoor experience is exactly what we look for when scouting new locations.  We just got very lucky to come upon the Race Lane space when the old owners were ready to try something new. 

What’s the design concept?
The design concept is simple yet comfortable. We tried to give the feel of sitting around a table in a friend’s home enjoying an amazing meal and great wine. Our design and lighting has been created to give all those who come for lunch and dinner a very relaxed and enjoyable experience.

How does the menu compare to that of the Sag Harbor location?
Well, it’s much bigger with an outside bar and lounge area. The food will also differ to a degree with offerings such as whole fish served at the table, and truffle stuffed chicken that has to be ordered 24 hours in advance. Dopo East will, of course, still have many of the same well-loved dishes that I have created over the years in Sag Harbor and Southampton. Sag and East will share many of the same dishes, but EH, which has a much larger kitchen, will be able to offer some different twists.

Are you planning to open year round?
We are open seven days a week and plan to offer brunch and lunch in the spring and summer.

Are you planning any special events or projects over the course of the next few months?
We just had our welcome 2017 opening party in a foot of snow! Seventy brave souls came and enjoyed a night of great food, lots of wine, and a picture booth. We will be looking to do an opening party in May in preparation for summer. We will work with our clients to offer them closed-door parties while taking into account the rest of our special patrons.

What are your favorite ways to spend time in the Hamptons during the off-season?
All four partners love to spend time with our kids. When the summer is here, I am always at our restaurants and working hard to bring a special dining experience to all who come to Dopo La Spiaggia. So when the off-season is at hand, we try to take a step back and spend time with those who are the most import to us.

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