Cheat Day With Bandier’s Jennifer Bandier

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Another tidbit from The Daily Summer…Bandier’s founder Jennifer Bandier dishes on her ideal cheat day (there are cookies involved) and more! 

What’s new chez Bandier?
We just launched e-commerce and an online magazine, B-Line, where we profile people on their fashion, fitness, and music preferences. We’re also reopening our Southampton location with even more sneakers and a new music setup.

Where’s the oddest place you’ve worn workout gear?
To lunch at Daniel with my mother [Denise LeFrak].

Which workout are you craving out East?
The Hamptons pretty much is a mecca for all things fitness, but there needs to be a Tone House!

Where do you go for a “cheat day” treat?
Ye Olde Bake Shoppe in Southampton rocks it out for me every time. I love their cookies, and their cinnamon bun is pretty spectacular.

Which celebs would you like to work out with?
I’d love to run on the beach with Kelly Ripa or Christie Brinkley!
Check out Bandier out East at 44B Main St., Southampton

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