Celebrating IWM With Talbots: The Daily’s Lizzi Bickford Meadow On What Success Means To Her

by Freya Drohan

To mark International Women’s Month on a poignant note—and celebrate 75 years of empowering women through helping them look and feel their best—Talbots has joined forces with the perfect partner. For the eight year in a row, Talbots is linking up with Dress for Success on a capsule collection of three smile-inducing slogan sweatshirts that recognizes and champions the tireless efforts of the life changing non-profit. Retailing for $69.50, 30% of net proceeds from the sweatshirts will go directly to the non-profit. With success and inspiration on the brain, we called up some women near and dear to the Daily to hear about their own journeys so far. First up, meet our own Lizzi Bickford Meadow.

What keeps you motivated to succeed?
Motivation has come from several places throughout my life. I’m innately self-motivated and have always pushed myself to do better and work smarter. I let nothing stand in the way of achieving my personal and professional goals, which have evolved over time. At this point in my life, my biggest motivation are my two children and my biggest inspiration is my husband. I want my dedication, discipline and commitment to my craft inspire my kids. Being a mom with a career is the biggest challenge yet, but I think its important for them to have a strong female figure who demonstrates perseverance, kindness, and dedication to fulfilling one’s dreams.

What female powerhouses have been invaluable mentors to you in your career?
My mom, who was a model for 40+ years. She really managed her career in a professional and thoughtful manner. In an industry where many young women lost their way, my mom rose to the top and treated her career as work, not play. While she had fun, she taught me the importance of professionalism, staying true to yourself, and above all, self-respect. Libby Edelman is another female powerhouse who continuously inspires me. Before joining the Daily, I served as marketing and PR director at Sam Edelman. Libby inspired me everyday at the office and continues to do so. She is creative, smart, energetic, and intuitive. Her sense of self, style, and humor is remarkable. She is also kind and thoughtful which is the most wonderful quality about her. She has taught me to remain humble and to keep working hard to actualize my dreams. 

How do you prioritize maintaining your female friendships and professional relationships?
Carving out time in a really hectic schedule (the kids! The house! Work! Oh my!) is a major challenge but it must be done. Friends are the family you choose, as they say. While I am social, my circle of close friends is small. I make time for those I love. I listen when they need it and am at their side when it matters most, no matter what.

How do you give back?
At one point in my career I served as the editor for the social charitable section of a local newspaper in Palm Beach, FL. That role provided me with the opportunity to really roll up my sleeves and experience the hard work behind the scenes that charities do. I was in constant awe of the impact these organizations, both big and small, make on the lives of those in need. Most recently, I served as the junior chair for a fundraising event hosted in Palm Beach for Center for Family Services.

What piece of career advice has served you the most?
“Be nice to everyone because you never know when that person might circle around again.” This has served me very well throughout my career. The other piece of advice is to, “Listen more than you speak.”

What makes you feel confident?
Doing my research, and a good blow out.


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What styling tips help you put your best foot forward?
My style has evolved throughout my life. While I’ve often opted for clean lines and neutral colors, I’m really embracing bright hues and fun silhouettes. Fashion (to me) is fun and I like experimenting with looks that suit my mood that day.

What’s a failsafe interview/confidence-boosting tip you rely on?
Do your research and prepare questions about the role in advance; questions which position you in a strong way. Also, don’t forget to smile!

What are you most proud of?
The evolution of my career, my marriage, and my two kids. I’m also proud of grit and willingness to always roll up my sleeves and get involved, on both a personal and professional level.

Who do you always look up to and why?
My husband. He’s super smart, confident, and kind.

What is your biggest dream?
I’m living it! A career doing what I love, a happy marriage, and two amazing children. It’s not perfect every day, but I wouldn’t change it for the world!

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