So, Beyoncé Just Shopped At Target

by Taylor Harris

Stars, they’re just like us! But, really.

Billionaire and one of the most famous people in the world, Beyoncé Knowles went bargain hunting at Target on Monday. According to TMZ, Bey was pushing around a big red shopping car at the Westwood Target in Los Angeles, her daughter Blue Ivy in tow. Naturally, a personal assistant and a bulky body guard came along. The singer was apparently stocking up on Easter-supplies, seen loading up her cart with colorful plastic eggs and chocolate candies.

It’s a particularly rare sighting as Beyoncé keeps an ultra-private life and is rarely photographed outside of scheduled public appearances, nevermind running errands. Though Bey was camera-ready, dressed in hot red super-high heels, boyfriend jeans, and an off-the shoulder top. Target employees didn’t bow down to Queen Bey but were pretty pumped that she’d graced them with her presence.

Beyoncé is apparently a big fan of the super store, having just stopped by a Target last December in silky track pants. At the time, the BeyHive imploded with super fans tweeting up a storm. “They would’ve found my body laid out on Aisle 7,” one wrote. Another posted a mock headline: “Beyoncé Shops at Target; In Other News, I Now Live at Target”. Today’s trip sparked similar tweets. “Imagine if you worked at target and imagine Beyoncé picking YOUR chekout lane to come through,” a user tweeted. Another joked: “Further proof me & Beyoncé are similar: she went to target for a toothpaste and ended up with a cart full of who knows what.”

Beyoncé and Jay Z just announced their “On the Run 2” joint world tour and with the singer headlining Coachella in a couple short weeks, it makes sense why she wanted to log in some quality family time with Blue Ivy. Nine-month-old twins Sir and Rumi didn’t make the Target run but we’re sure their big sis will show them how the whole Easter Bunny thing works!

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