Aritzia Taps A List Of Influencers And Takes To Social Media To Roll Out Their Fall Campaign

by Dena Silver

Instead of a standard-issue Fall campaign, Aritzia is focusing on a hashtag to promote their threads of the season. Filed under #FallForUs, the Canadian brand has tapped a number of actresses, singers, DJs, models, and editors to present the collection, all via social media. So, who are these influencers? They range from True Blood‘s Anna CampSin City‘s Jamie ChungDJ Kiss, Wynter Gordon, Teen Vogue‘s Mary Kate SteinmillerLucky‘s Laurel Pantin, Seventeen’s Gina Kelly, and Vanity Fair’Jaclyn Cobourn and Isabella Behrens. Decked out in cozy Fall sweaters, crisp pants, fuzzy coats, and tailored blazers, this crew of 150 stylish folk is taking over the social media waves today. But the Fall fun isn’t exclusively for this list of insiders; Aritiza fans can use the given hashtag to share what they’re falling for. They’ll then be entered in the running to snag a $2,500 gift card to shop to their heart’s desire as well as being featured in the Fall gallery alongside all those selected style icons. Your Daily snagged a chat with Aritzia CMO Oliver Walsh to find out where this whole campaign concept got its start.

Where did the #FallForUs idea stem from?
At Aritzia we’ve never done advertising or marketing in the traditional way, and this Fall isn’t any different! Our #FallForUs campaign stems from us understanding two things about our customer: who she is and what inspires her today.

So who is your client? What inspires her?
Our customer base is made up of stylish, connected, influential women; many of whom have an incredibly high loyalty and affinity with our brand. Her friends and key individuals across the media and entertainment influence her style and she looks for this inspiration on Instagram.

How did the campaign come to fruition?
Over the course of two days, we shot 90 friends and new friends of Aritzia, including the most interesting and up-coming actresses, musicians, bloggers and editors. We wanted to celebrate the people who love Aritzia and capture their personality and personal style alongside the pieces they love from our Fall collection.

What was the criteria for the campaign’s participants?
Our campaign features over 150 of our favorite females that we consider fire starters in their respective fields. As a brand made for women, we wanted to honor and celebrate female emerging talent, the innovative women that inspire us.

How are you spreading the word about #FallForUs?
On August 13th, the campaign will launch simultaneously on and Instagram, through a flood of celebratory posts highlighting the items that everyone “fell for” from our new collection. We’re also asking our customers to share their favorite looks. Coinciding with the campaign, we have integrated Olapic into – meaning that the looks are instantly shoppable across any device.

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