Anna Wintour’s Impeccably Chic Christmas, Down To The Marni Wrapping Paper

by Dena Silver

During Milan Fashion Week, the fashion flock blew up their social media accounts with the array of blossoms and gifts stocked at Marni’s flower marketAnna Wintour seems to be equally as smitten with the punchy patterns. And she stocked up on some designer wrapper paper, festooned with prints from the maison‘s archive, for the holidays. Not only did Vogue include a pic of a wrapped present in the pages of their December issue (see below), but Wintour had her team of chic assistants use that paper to wrap her personal presents.

paperOne of Wintour’s (three!) right-hand galsRey-Hanna Vakili, took to Instagram to document the gift wrapping adventures. However, we sincerely hope she and Lily Gildor didn’t actually spend 12 hours perfecting the bow on a pristinely packaged tennis racket…



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