Does Making The Cut’s Andrea Salazar Have Any Regrets?

by Eddie Roche

Making The Cut spoilers ahead! By now you’ve likely heard that Andrea Pitter walked away the season two winner of Amazon Prime’s Making The Cut. One contender who showed us what she’s made of in the eleventh hour was Andrea Salazar, who made it to the final three on the show. We recently got on a Zoom to learn how this Colombian designer feels about her time on the show and what’s ahead for her brand, Seta! 

Congrats on being in the top three. How do you feel about how things went?
I’m feeling great! I’m feeling super happy and proud. It was an amazing experience and opportunity.

What was the biggest challenge in the competition for you?
Definitely the finale. I had to do ten looks in just four days. It was insane. The first episode was also very tough because we were getting used to the experience.



Why did you want to do the show?
I found out about it during lockdown. I watched the first episode and loved the production and judges. I learned a lot watching. I found out later they were casting so I sent my information but didn’t expect they would call me. It was very natural. I think it was fate that I was part of it.

What do you mean by that?
I sent my information online and a lot of people were aspiring to be on the show and I didn’t think they would call me. When they did…I think it was meant to be. I feel happy that I could be part of it.


Andrea-Salazar (Courtesy)

Do you have any regrets about the competition?
You always think you can do better. At the end of the day, you have to do whatever [challenge] is in front of you. I don’t have many regrets, only that I could have done better designs.

You really sold yourself to the judges in the last episodes. Where does that drive come from in you?
I have a lot of determination in my life when I do things in my life and work. I’m very focused and disciplined. I got that from my dad. He was an example to me. Everything becomes a challenge. I challenge myself to be better.


Andrea-Salazar Look (Courtesy)

Tell us more about your brand.
My aesthetic is to create timeless pieces. The customer has treasures in their wardrobe. I do a lot of embellishment, a lot of detail.  I also like to do elevated basics, crop tops, skirts, pants. It’s been a very joyful career. I love what I do.

Your store was my favorite of the three. Will we see more?
I have three stores already. One in downtown Miami and two in Colombia. I have plans to open more.

What’s next for you?
Keep designing! I might expand my portfolio to do genderless pieces. I have men asking for pieces. Maybe kids, too! I’m a mom-to-be so I might be inspired by my daughter and design pieces for her. We’ll see what happens. I’m super excited.  A lot of opportunities and doors are going to be opening.

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