9 Fashion Designers To Watch At Taipei Fashion Week

by Freya Drohan

Taipei Fashion Week is here! In a year that challenged fashion weeks around the world, Taipei endeavored to host a mix of live and virtual shows in order to celebrate its brightest design stars. The theme this year is “Re:connext”—fusing the meanings of connect and next—and hope, rebirth, and innovation are at the core of the event. Here are nine designers to have on your radar. 

1. Shiatzy Chen

Shiatzy Chen’s founder Wang Chen Tsai-Hsia established the brand in 1978, and has found critical acclaim thanks to a global approach to fashion: fabrics are sourced in Milan, patterns made in the French capital, and embroideries combine eastern and western traditions. The Spring Summer ’21 collection finds inspiration from Chinese heroine Mulan and China’s rich culture and delivers on the brand’s commitment to “neo Chinese chic”.

Shiatzy Chen


Showing digitally, designer Chang Chia-Jen showcased his Spring Summer ’21 collection which was inspired, fittingly, by the cyber world. Chia-Jen stayed true to his origins as an industrial designer by putting forward a stripped back offering of urban-style separates.


3. Gioia Pan

This is knitwear, with a difference. Since founding her label in 2001, Gioia Pan has fused innovative design silhouettes with impeccable craftsmanship. Her detailed and imaginative Spring Summer ’21 collection is inspired by the theme of weaving; and not just referring to the fabric. Rather, Pan was particularly inspired by the relationship between humans and nature.

Gioia Pan

4. oqLiq

Design duo Orbit Lin and Chi Houng showcased their new collection digitally. The latest offering, titled Feng Tiao Yu Shuen or nature’s blessing, was inspired by the four elements and Chinese folklore. Think: waterproof fabrics, windbreakers, and functional clothing with a whimsical twist.


5. Luxxury Godbage by JUST IN XX

Designer Justin Chou is inspired by mixing traditional elements of design from the East and West. Under his sub-label line Luxxury Godbage, he focuses on upcycling and reusing fabric waste, discarded accessories, and vintage pieces. For Spring Summer, he was particularly adamant on creating something that minimized waste and pllutin.

Luxxury Godbage by JUST IN XX

6. INF

Designer Kuo Wei loves structure, and his latest collection is no different. For this latest outing, the designer explored society’s obsession with mobile phones and other tools of communication. He also collaborated with the app Line, to reproduce Line’s cloud print on various garments.



For his label, designer Chen Jun Liang is committed to creating a timeless menswear offering that’s not about fleeting trends. His simple garments utilize high-quality fabrics and one-of-a-kind craftsmanship that nods to the East. The new collection has a poetic and intellectual theme. Pieces are executed mainly in black, white, and silver and leather features throughout.



Design duo Katrina Yu Wei Lee and Yuan Lung Kao also showcased their latest collection digitally. The brand name takes its meaning from the alignment of the sun, moon, and earth: signifying a sustainable, connected cycle. The name translates into the sartorial ethos too, with the designers creating clothes that have permanence as they can be worn in many different ways.



Stephane Dou and Changlee Yugin’s 25-year-old brand DOUCHANGLEE is known for many firsts and innovations in Taiwan, including a large concept store in the alley of Taipei’s Chung Shan North Road. The brand also paved the way for gender-fluid labels in Taiwan’s fashion scene.The sports-meets-luxe Spring Summer ’21 collection is mainly black, white, and neutral tones,  and is executed in hemp, denim, and high-tech material.


PS! Catch a glimpse of what the opening party looked like in the recap video below.

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