How Taipei Fashion Week Designers Are Keeping Sustainability At The Forefront

by Freya Drohan

Taipei Fashion Week returned this month, to showcase what Taiwanese’s most innovative designers have been cooking up. As always, sustainability and environmental concerns were front of mind for the country’s leading next-gen and established talent. From eco-friendly textiles to curtailing excess production, here’s how the brands are paving the way!


Damar Huang’s ever-popular streetwear label #DAMUR continues to shine a light on the global climate change crisis through his work. Think: up-cycled and repurposed second-hand fabrics, and clothes that drive home important social messages.

#DAMUR (Courtesy)


Chun-Yuan Jean not only utilized recycled fabrics for his collection, Eternity, but recycled glass too. The latest vivid and colorful line was inspired by the life cycle of flowers—an analogy that aims to convey how beautiful the circular economy of fashion can be.

C JEAN (Courtesy)

Claudia Wang

A reliable forerunner when it comes to sustainability in fashion, Claudia Wang is known for her environmentally-friendly design processes and her commitment to reducing waste. This season, Wang showed the first-ever blend of physical and virtual models on the same stage, debuting over 40 looks which has sustainability at the heart.

Claudia Wang (Courtesy)


Inspired by light, shadow, nature, clouds and the flowing air, DOUCHANGLEE made epic use of natural materials with the latest elegant collection. Sustainable and stylish? We love to see it.



New to Taipei Fashion Week is Jenn Lee. Showcasing her wares at the Xinsheng Viaduct Skatepark, the new mom’s streetwear was derived from 100% recycled fabrics, including deadstock textiles, upcycled denim, and fabric made from recycled plastic bottles. Committed to zero waste fashion, the brand also worked alongside artisans from disadvantaged backgrounds to further its purpose-driven mission.

JENN LEE (Courtesy)

Story Wear

For Spring Summer ’22, Story Wear worked alongside artisans from disadvantaged backgrounds to create a 100% upcycled collection that takes inspiration from the scenic beauty of Taiwan’s coastline. As a result, the zero-waste fashion brand’s designs aim to raise awareness about the urgency to preserve and conserve the local environment by sharing the message, it’s never too late for change.

Story Wear (Courtesy)


Environmentally friendly fabrics, recyclable nylon, and waterproof organic cotton make up the latest collection from Taiwanese functional streetwear brand WEAVISM. For Spring Summer ’22, the focus was once more on innovation and function—ensuring the brand remains a highlight of Taipei Fashion Week!

WEAVISM (Courtesy)

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