Taipei Fashion Week: Nine Designers To Know

by Freya Drohan

Taipei Fashion Week returned this month, to showcase what Taiwanese’s most innovative designers have been cooking up. Below, we get to know the brands partaking in the biannual event, which is organized to support and highlight talent in the country by Taiwan’s Ministry of Culture and Taipei City Government’s Department of Cultural Affairs. Without further ado, let’s meet the designers!


For many years, CHARINYEH has been inspired by futuristic elements, and the latest collection is no different. Influenced by the first-ever Taiwanese science fiction film, War of God, from 1976, it’s a neon-hued offering with innovative recycled materials.

CHARINYEH (Courtesy)


Function meets fashion? Look no further than DLEET. Designer Barnon Lee’s pieces fuse style with ease—and they couldn’t be more perfect for our changing wardrobe needs post-pandemic.

DLEET (Courtesy)

Gioia PAN

They don’t call designer Gioia PAN Yiliang the ‘knitting queen’ for nothing! The designer consistently elevates the tradition craft to a high fashion status, with her retro yet romantic pieces.

GIOIA PAN (Courtesy)


Consistently pushing the envelope, sustainably-minded designer Kuo Wei is inspired by paranoia and suspense for Spring Summer ’22—which comes through in dismantled, versatile, unisex, and monochromatic colors.

INF (Courtesy)

Jamie Wei Huang

Designer Jamie Wei Huang took a road less traveled for inspiration this season, with medical procedures, science, and MRIs as a jumping off point. The result was a collection of ultra wearable pieces cut close to the body and in stark whites, royal blues, and crimson reds.


Liyu Tsai

Welcome to Utopia, through the eyes of creative director Liyu Tsai. For Spring Summer ’22, the heritage, handmade technique, and craftsmanship the brand is known for was updated with naturally-derived fabrics. For this outing, the focus was on modern femininity, which was apparent in the smile-inducing colors and flowing silhouettes.

Liya Tsai (Courtesy)


With the title Dust and Light, SILZENCE men’s Spring Summer ’22 outing aims to present Eastern cultural sensibilities with impeccable Taiwanese textiles and craft. Mission approved, thanks to embroidered elements, elegant fabrics such as jacquard and silk, and time-honored silhouettes.

SILZENCE men (Courtesy)


Who could forget the infamous movie Sin City? Well, Seivson designer Jill Shen’s Spring Summer ’22 couture collection takes inspiration from the comic noir. The collection places a protagonist front and center, following her as she navigates a post-COVID world in an array of military-style uniforms and mysterious yet seductive pieces.

Seivson (Courtesy)


It’s time to enter the Voltverge Matrix. Designer Wang Li Ling had electricity on the brain, hence a sparky and upbeat collection chock full of laser-cut lightning bolts, shining fabrics, and even intertwined copper coils. Consider us energized!


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