Taipei Fashion Week’s Spring Summer 2023 Was All About Fashion, Culture, And Sustainability

by The Daily Front Row

Taipei Fashion Week returned this month, first showcasing Spring Summer ’23 collections via a themed group opening show before the unveiling of collections from designers participating—all with a focus on sustainability.

During the event, 14 brands participated to demonstrate the important topics of functionality, sustainability, crossover, diversity, and humanity. They included #DAMUR, be homme, C JEAN, DOUCHANGLEE, GIOIA PAN, INF, JENN LEE, Liyu Tsai, oqLiq, Seivson, Story Wear, UUIN, WANGLILING, and Yentity.

This season continued to cement Taipei Fashion Week as an important platform for spreading the message of sustainability through the lens of local talent. As well as consciousness about the environment, Taipei Fashion Week continues to emphasize cultural sustainability too—with a focus on traditional craftsmanship and supporting artisans and their skills.

To demonstrate the importance of cultural sustainability, brands including Yentity and UUIN explored historical roots in order to reinterpret traditional techniques for contemporary fashion with a new perspective. Yentity collaborated with a Taiwan craft school to combine urban silhouettes with traditional knitting techniques. Meanwhile, UUIN looked to the 1930s and 1940s for inspiration, working with the National Museum of Taiwan Literature, local craftsmen, and artists to create a retro-meets-modern look for the woman of today.

Environmental sustainability remains a priority for Taiwan fashion, with brands examining their relationship between mother nature, production, and social responsibilities while evolving their aesthetic. As a brand that has always focused on these issues, C JEAN presented a collection that fused natural elements with architectural geometry. Similarly, Story Wear advocates for the survival of the next generation and the planet, with a collection produced completely from recycled and reproduced materials.

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