8 Famous Faces Share What Makes Them Feel Beautiful

by The Daily Front Row

The Daily Summer polled a handful of our fashionable favorites to find out what makes them feel their most beautiful. Here’s what they had to say.

1. Micaela Erlanger
“I feel most beautiful when I have a really good blowout. Sometimes all you need is a good hair day.”

Micaela Erlanger.

2. Shanina Shaik
“I feel most beautiful when I’m surrounded by my loved ones and I’m doing what I love most. And I feel beautiful when I wake up in the morning, clean my skin, and I just drink hot water and lemon. I just feel beautiful when I know I’m looking after myself.”

Shanina Shaik.

3. Indya Moore
“When I get to command my own beauty without it being sexualized.”

Indya Moore.

4. Rachel Zoe
“When I have a little suntan. I know that’s bad to say.”

Rachel Zoe.

5. Grace Elizabeth
“When I’m comfortable in myself and confident in what I’m wearing and I know it looks good.”

Grace Elizabeth.

6. Ruby Aldridge
“When I wake up and I’ve had a really good night of sleep and I’m hydrated. I look in the mirror and feel like I’m my most true self.”

Ruby Aldridge.

7. Rebecca Minkoff
“I feel most beautiful after I’ve given birth to a baby.”

Rebecca Minkoff.

8. Gus Kenworthy
“When do I feel most beautiful? When I’m drunk.”

Gus Kenworthy.

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