5 Styling Tips by Alecksandro Rizzo Every Fashionista Must Follow

by DN News Desk

How important is it to look good these days? With visual social media steadily increasing its foothold in the everyday lives—both social and business—of people around the globe, there seems to be no end to people’s desire to look better. Some have made it into a career. Alecksandro Rizzo utilizes his good looks for a successful career as an Instagram entrepreneur. He’s a person whose looks help businesses move products, and now he’ll divulge five tips that fashionistas, or at least people concerned with their appearance, should follow.

Become Friends With the Body
What people eat affects their skin. It affects the amount of bloat they have to carry around. It affects their emotional balance and energy levels. It changes their weight, proportions, and overall look. Learning how one reacts to certain foods and beverages is just the first step of getting to know and becoming friends with one’s body. The next steps would include understanding proportions and figuring out which cuts of clothing work on them and which don’t.

Work With a Good Tailor
It’s very unlikely that people will get a perfect fit from the clothes they buy at the store, no matter how much time they spend trying it on. It might be better to get something that’s just close enough, and then hire a trusted tailor to make it fit well. Developing a good relationship with the tailor is recommended as it’s generally a good idea to be on good terms with someone who has so much power over one’s look. Plus, tailors have knowledge they can pass on, which is something that shouldn’t be ignored.

Don’t Be Afraid to Show Some Personality
Personality is very important for Alecksandro Rizzo. He might even go so far as to call it the key to his success. As he says, “For word-of-mouth to happen, it’s important to have personality and find a way to demonstrate it.” Of course, with Instagram, those ways might feel limited, but a person’s choice in attire can speak absolute volumes about their personality. This is the part where people are encouraged to experiment with their authentic fashion sense and expression.

Work on More Than Good Looks
Here’s what Alecksandro Rizzo has to say about beauty: “Many believe, in my line of work, that it is enough to be beautiful—to have a beautiful face and a beautiful body. Sure, that helps, but a beautiful face without a good mind can only go so far.” Style is more than just the looks. It’s what people carry inside; it’s what informs their worldview. The people who don’t have this are easy to spot, and they look inauthentic no matter how popular they become.

Always Accessorize
Quick, final piece of advice: always wear an accessory. It can be sunglasses, a hat, a scarf, a watch, or even a simple ring. Accessories are great when someone wants to make a statement, but they are versatile enough to be a well-composed part of any outfit. It’s the perfect full stop at the end of an outfit.

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