“A luxury watch is an expression of your inner-self” Belal Life

by DN News Desk

Belal, the founder and CEO of Belal Life believes that a luxury watch (or three) is more than a fashion accessory. According to this avante-garde time keeper, “Fashion comes and goes, but a luxury watch stays and stands the test of time.” A phenomenon in itself, let’s explore what lies beneath the precious veener of a luxury watch. A luxury watch isn’t for everybody. Sometimes, it’s not even for those who have the potential to own one. Why, one wonders. Belal tells a story to give us an answer. “I have come across many kinds of people in my business. But there’s one family in particular I’ll never forget. The father was a well-known businessman with penchant for luxury watches. He’d built himself from the ground up and possessed that kind of powerful humility that comes with hard-earned success. While he never missed a chance to add to his enviable collection, he was vehemently opposed to buying one for his 21-year-old son. When I asked him why, he just said, ‘he’s yet to earn it.’ And I truly understood what my customers value in their watches. The time and effort put into creating each masterpiece resonates with their soul. It becomes a refined symbol of their own success.”

After having proverbially arrived in life, many consider a luxury watch as their next step. Perhaps it’s the gleam of the metal which invokes the spirit of the elements, or maybe it’s the ethereal touch of the leather, or the delicate dance of the needles that has made luxury watches become the most prized possession of collectors and connoisseurs. While the true essence of a luxury watch may yet be beyond words, its immediate effect on the buyer is one of great amazement. It is an accessory, but at the same time, it transcends the limitations of every seasonal trend.

A luxury watch is a keeper. The moment of its creation is the bringing forth of something grand, lasting, and imposing into the world. Those who truly understand its value do so by virtue of their own elevated understanding of the grandness of life and its nuanced beauty.

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