Clarins Throws A Y2K Themed Bash In Los Angeles

by Eddie Roche

Clarins turns 70 this year and celebrated over the weekend with a big bucks bash at a private home in Los Angeles. The party featured the unveiling of Clarins latest product, Multi-Active skin care. The event was Y2K themed and featured a performance by Christina Aguilera, who sang “Dirrty” and “What a Girl Wants.” The singer, who has recently had a significant weight loss, wore a sheer top corset and mini skirt.

Christina Aguilera

The night also welcomed other stars of the Y2K era such as Lindsay Lohan, Ali Lohan, Jesse Metcalfe, Brenda Song, Macaulay Culkin, Keleigh Teller, Kelly Piquet, Ashley West, Chris Carmack as well a Nicole Williams, Brooks Nader, Gracie Norton, Kate Bartlett, Claude Morais, Brian Wolk, and more. DJ Georgia Sinclair was on hand to provide the jams.

Lindsay Lohan

Jesse Metcalfe

Brooks Nader

The night left no Y2K stone unturned with faux paparazzi greeting guests as they arrived.  Treats such as Bagel Bites, Pop-Tarts, Hot Pockets, and tater tots were on hand. There were old issues of YM with Leonardo DiCaprio and the Backstreet Boys staged throughout the house.  Pink balloons were everywhere. The only thing missing was Perez Hilton!

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