10 Things You Don’t Know About…Elle’s Robbie Myers

by Sydney Sadick

How much do you know about Elle’s long-time editor-in-chief, Robbie Myers? The editrix writes in on some of the dishiest facts you likely don’t know about her in the second installment of “10 Things You Don’t Know About…” Take it away, Robbie! 

  1. My mother was a Unitarian minister.
  2. When I left Interview, Andy Warhol gave me a personal note with his iconic signature in big letters: I lost it.
  3. I lied about my age to get my first job: I was 13 and cold-calling for a cleaning service.  Each person I ended up talking to asked me how old I was. I was fired after 2 days.
  4. My Karaoke song is Eminem’s “Crazy In Love”: It’s a remix of Heart’s “Crazy on You.”
  5. I have a half black-lab, half pitt bull rescue named Bear: She’s literally Crazy on You.
  6. I was in the movie Caddyshack: After my three days on set, I was hired at the golf club to help take care of the cast. Rodney Dangerfield was very polite. Ted Knight held interesting hours. I was a teenager, but somehow got invited to a dinner—at Houlihan’s—with Bill Murray.
  7.  I went to four high schools my freshman year.
  8. At the first fashion show I went to in Milan, the poor publicist was trying to find me a seat, and nobody in the front row would move, not even a little: She seated me next to Ricky Martin. Poor me, it was so crowded I had to sit really close to him…
  9. People always ask me how I do my hair: Obviously I do it in the dark.
  10. My father ran for public office on the slogan “Myers Never Tires”: He won.

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