Work It Out

by Dena Silver

WHAT: Under Armour Yoga Gear

WHY: If it’s good enough for Gisele, it’s certainly good enough for your Daily! When Under Armour launched its I Will What I Want series back in July, they created a platform where athletes who’ve overcome hardships can share their stories, including dancer Misty Copeland and skiier Lindsey Vonn. They also happened to add Gisele into the mix, as the inimitable mod has defied all odds since she first hit the scene at age 16. Now as a strong role model, she inspires others to reach their goals, as well as encouraging them to hit the gym in chic stride too. Because after all, both physical and mental strength is totally chic.

AVAILABLE: Eclipse bra $39.99, Long & Lean tank $34.99 , Studiolux Camo Leggings $84.99, Pure Stretch Cheeki, $12, 

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