What To Expect From Luxury Watch Brands In 2021

by The Daily Front Row

The luxury watch industry has gone through three major crises or threats in the past 50 years. These crises include the 1970’s Quartz Crisis, the 2009 financial crisis, and the most recent one is 2020, the pandemic Covid-19. Due to these crises, and their knock on social and economic impacts, the sales of watches has both decreased and increased drastically at different times. Specifically, if we talk about the Covid-19, the pandemic initially dealt a huge blow to the watch industry with reported sales decreasing. However, with the passage of time, the situation is improving and things are finally getting back to normal.  That initial downturn quickly looks to have been reversed with a renewed confidence in luxury watches now being to take hold again.

So, should we expect something new from luxury brands in 2021 taking into consideration the pandemic situation? Well, premier brands such as Rolex and Omega won’t stop producing high-quality watches. They will keep only focus on creating the best products they possibly can, meeting the expectations of their customers.  In this article, we will discuss potential new releases of top brands and what Rolexes and certified Omega watches you should keep an eye on in the year 2021. So without stretching it further, let’s dive into it!

Rolex 2021 Predictions:
Various predictions are being made regarding the new releases by Rolex in 2021. However, we have come up with the following top 2 predictions:

Introduction Of Rolex Daytona Hulk: It is time for Rolex to recover from the Covid-19 blow, and for that, they will surely release something that will boost the excitement levels of watches aficionados. We expect Rolex to introduce Daytona Hulk in 2021 which is going to help the sales to bounce back.

Release Of Lady’s Submariner: For a long time, the ladies have been demanding this product. They can now expect it to get released this year. It will make them look gorgeous and fashionable.

Rolex Air-King Precision

Omega 2021 Predictions:
There are various news releases that we can expect from the top luxury watches brand Omega in 2021. Our top 2 predictions for 2021:

Introduction Of Mars Omega Speedmaster: In 2021, we might see the introduction of the much-awaited watch, the Mars Omega Speedmaster, that has been chosen to go to Mars. The premier watch is expected to release in 2021.

Launch Of Red Dial Omega Seamaster Aquaterra 150m: We might see Omega adding the red color in Aquaterra 150m collection. This will be a surprise package for us in 2021 as usually, they do not incorporate red color. Not only would it enhance its beauty, but it will also help Omega recover from the damage Covid-19 had created for them by increasing the sales.

These are our predictions from the top two luxury watches brands in 2021. There are various other expectations as well. We might see Omega not making any changes to its prices for 2021. They may stick to the previous year’s prices due to the current situation. But that prediction, as with all others in this post, we can only wait and see whether they come true or not!

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