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by Magdalena Munao

Last year, businesses far and wide felt the challenges brought on by the covid-19 pandemic. For many, it was a time to reflect and for others, it was a time to adapt. One niche industry that saw an interesting impact on its business was the luxury brand watch sector. Generally associated with a wealthy demographic of clientele, still, the industry suffered significant loss last year as its market plummeted 23%. But for one esteemed luxury watch retailer that particularly specializes in luxury brand sports model watches, though their business had been known for its strength in wholesale, Watch Trading Co. saw an opportunity to expand the business into retail throughout the pandemic.

As Watch Trading Company is known for the owner’s ability to acquire niche sports model watches, the company has managed to organically grow a reputation in the business with an authentic following on social media and other online platforms. Known for their availability and recognized as one of the larger companies in the industry known for large volume wholesale, Watch Trading Co. has become the go-to retailer when looking for obscure and hard-to-find models. Though through the pandemic, despite the challenges, the company has been diversifying their business after reaching into the retail market. From a simple and humble beginning, Watch Trading Co. has amassed unrivalled success thanks to their innate ability to follow and direct the trends of the market. In a unique class and style of their own, Watch Trading Co. brands range from the illustrious Rolex to Audemars and Patek watches.

But another invaluable piece of the business’s success is attributed to how Watch Trading Co.’s founder has identified the significance of the global luxury brand watch industry. Often times consumers think about the market domestically, but with global connections and resources, Watch Trading Co. has managed to understand the market from a global perspective and thereafter witness how the markets move, fluctuate and dictate each other in various parts of the world.

“We don’t just make prices up. Most people in the US market don’t understand that prices are set globally and not just domestically,” says Watch Trading Co. “For example, a stainless-steel Daytona might be worth X amount in U.S. and Y amount overseas. This could be attributed to the size of the case and the style of the watch. So, the dial color, case size, type of metal are all contributing factors. And in turn, sometimes this causes our prices to rise because when a model is in demand, we sell wholesale higher in parts of the world for more than what we can get retail in the U.S. It almost makes my retail and wholesale business compete against each other in a way.”

But at the business’s core, Watch Trading Co. was inspired by their genuine interest and affinity for luxury brand watches. From this passion, has come a business they never could have imagined as they now cater to customers whose lifestyles are synonymous with the upscale quality and name brands of the watches they sell. With requests from clientele for steel sports model watches that are often extremely difficult to source, Watch Trading Co. has earned a reputation for being the company that can source and supply some of the world’s most sought-after watches. If they don’t have it, they find it, thanks to their years in the industry with contacts and resources all over the world.

Despite this new change in the business, transitioning from wholesale to wholesale and retail, Watch Trading Co. continues to prove their distinction in the industry with unmatched knowledge and access to the most coveted watches in the world. For more information, visit Watch Trading Co.’s website, or follow them on Instagram.

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